Do not allow the face to wither - grandmother's recipes

Cosmetics from the kitchen

Kitchen products that can help in removing some cosmetic deviations.

To clean the skin of the face and neck from dust and dirt, as well as to remove make-up, use flour water (a little flour dissolved in water). With a cotton piece soaked in this solution, wipe your face and neck. You can apply it on any time, before putting on the mask or before going to bed at night. If the skin of the body is very itchy, immerse yourself in a bath with flour water - 200 g of flour, dissolved in 1 l of water, is poured into the bath. The body remains at rest in the bath, and water soothes and cleanses. This water also helps with oily skin and sweating.

Cow oil is suitable for anointing the dry face after a warm bath or in the cold when you are outside. It nourishes the weak, exhausted and withered skin. It is also used in massages. The oil and olive oil are applied 1 hour before washing dry and dripping hair for nourishing the roots and for growth. Unsalted pork fat, rubbed into the skin of the hands, helps with dry, rough or cracked skin.

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