Oily skin - how to treat?

Sebum is the secretion produced by sebaceous glands responsible for healthy shine. Keep the skin hydrated. Increased production of mucus, however, is cause for oily skin.

The reason for the increased secretion of sebum may be hormonal imbalance. This is seen most often during puberty or due to hereditary factors.

There are various methods to reduce oily skin. Alternative treatment includes taking a cup of hot water with honey and squeezed lemon, and thus cleared the body of harmful toxins and reduces the secretion of sebum.

The drink has a beneficial effect and the loss of extra pounds.

Medical cosmetics include cleansing gel, toner or facial day cream that contains tea tree.

Tea tree is a strong antiseptic. There are bactericidal, antifungal, antiviral and immunostimulating properties. Products containing tea tree are suitable for very sensitive skin, but it is desirable prior to use to make a test for tolerance.

For oily skin are suitable light special creams or emulsions of the series for skin prone to inflammation.

These cosmetics do not contain fatty substances or they are in limited quantity. Have a liquid form. The cream is applied in the morning after cleansing. Some are with salicylic acid. Suitable and extract from the bark of the birch, which has a protective effect on the skin - protecting it from negative environmental impact, including UV radiation.

Using the face mask of papaya, for example, pores, restores production of sebum within limits and gives a fresh and healthylooking skin.


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