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Topical vitamins slow the aging of your skin and rejuvenate exactly where you want the most.

Although eating fruits and vegetables and drink daily multivitamin, your skin still suffers from lack of vitamins. That they are the main tool that protects your skin from aging and even reverse this process. Therefore, well-balanced diet is important as eating a varied and healthy diet keeps your skin soft and shiny.

But the fact is that the body delivers only small amounts of certain vitamins in the skin, regardless of the amount of their dietary intake, say U.S. experts. Furthermore, it is not possible to reach these vitamins directly to problem areas where wrinkles around the eyes and brown spots on the skin. The only solution to this problem is the use of topical vitamins. Thus the maximum effect - improving skin elasticity and disappearance of dark areas.

Start today to use as described below five vitamins and soon your skin will look better than ever.

Vitamin A: The strongest opponent of aging

Vitamin A can be found in the composition of lotions, night creams and other medical products. Labels its derivatives are most often labeled as retinoids.

It has been shown that vitamin A reduces wrinkles, eliminate dark spots and smoothing skin roughness. American dermatologists from prestigious medical university recommended to anyone who wants to look younger, to use vitamin A (retinoids) for topical application.

Apply best topical retinoid at night because sunlight deactivates most forms of vitamin A. In order not to unnecessarily irritate your skin, in the first two weeks use vitamin A topical every second or third night, a graph small quantities.

Vitamin B3: improves hydration and reduces redness

This vitamin can be found in the form of lotions, creams and serums. Usually on the ethics of these products vitamin B3 is referred to as niacinamide.

It has been shown that vitamin B3 increases the production of ceramides and fatty acids, which are two key components constituting the outer skin protection. Once this protection is reinforced skin is better hydrated and more difficult to be irritated, making B3 a wonderful tool of choice for dry and sensitive skin.

In a study of niacinamide has found that it has helped improved the redness of rosacea, which is a common condition in women.

It also found that Vitamin B3 reduces dark spots as inhibit the transfer of pigment to the skin cells.

For best results, it is best to apply B3 morning or evening. The use of niacinamide with topical retinoids reduce the irritation caused by vitamin A. Therefore, before application to mix in your hand two topical vitamin and apply them together.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be found in the composition of moisturizing creams that are appropriately packed to retain its properties, such as opaque airtight containers. The concentration of vitamin C in these products must be equal to or greater than 5%, since only then the effect will be satisfactory.

It has been shown that vitamin C reduces damage from free radicals that cause wrinkles, dispensing and other changes typical of aging skin. It also helps to smooth and eliminate brown spots on the skin.

The positive effects of vitamin C and retinoids (vitamin A) on the skin are similar, their mutual action is completed. Therefore, to achieve a better effect, you must use them together. Skin aging occurs in many different mechanisms and therefore need a very complex security funds.

Experts recommend vitamin C to inflict the morning before sun exposure to protect your skin from free radicals induced by UV radiation.

Vitamin E: reduces dryness and helps protect against UV rays

Vitamin E can be found in sunscreen products and the products are used after sun exposure. To be sufficiently effective, they must contain at least 1% vitamin E.

This vitamin reduces dryness, keeping skin natural ingredients that hydrate it. If you apply on the skin before sun exposure, it will be less red, swollen and dry as usual. This is due to the ability of vitamin E to neutralize free radicals and has earned the nickname "defender."

Use vitamin E topically before or after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet rays can destroy half of the natural stocks of vitamin E in skin. So Make your protection by using sunscreen containing vitamins E and C. Some studies have shown that anti-inflammatory effects of vitamin E can prevent many negative influences on the skin, even when applied after sun bath.

Vitamin K: For young and fresh eyes

Vitamin K can be found in eye creams that also contain retinol.

It has been shown that vitamin C (also called fitonadion) reduces dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin K improves the clotting of blood in the capillaries in this delicate area, who are one of the reasons for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. According to independent research joint topical application of vitamin K and retinol leads to significant improvement in dark circles after just 4 months. It is assumed that retinol enhances the action of vitamin K to penetrate the skin and eliminates shadows.

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