Acne: Myths and Reality

Nearly 80 percent of teenagers suffer from acne in varying degrees. Very often it disappears entirely unexpected, but may continue for a long time, since 25% of adults continue to suffer from this "youth" problem.

The truth is that this skin disease is not just a matter of a certain age.

Sebum - one of the main causes of acne

Scientists have not yet discovered all the causes of acne. Known only major cause of this skin disease.

The primary reason is the increased excretion of sebum, which leads to oily skin and it becomes more susceptible to infections.

Then comes the problem of clogging of sebaceous follicles.They represent something Cao pocket, which is where the hair ends and sebum that the sebaceous glands release.

When the natural separation of cells in follicles not done correctly, a bud is formed, which prevents the sebum to spread on the skin surface and ends with the appearance of small comedones.

It is either open (ie. Black dot) or closed (ie. Mikrokista, which is the basis of pustules and boils).

Third but not least rank and bacteria and exactly so. propionebacterium acnes. Thirsty for sebum, they benefit from seborrhea, to produce irritating substances that are ideal for making barely inflammation in large red and inflamed pimple.

Predisposing factors

The biggest culprit for acne are hormones, which explains why it is a major problem in adolescents, when the body undergoes many hormonal changes.

These are mostly androgens - male hormones, which also separates the woman, but in smaller quantities. Because they stimulate the sebaceous glands may lead to the formation of pimples and eat bacteria: two factors that favor the formation of pimples.

There are also other phenomena, such as heredity, whose influence also should not be underestimated.

Improper use of cosmetics can also cause acne, and the adoption of certain medications such as cortisone, birth control and some others.

Some wrong ideas about skin and acne

Sun, whose action at first glance seems healing is unpleasant for those suffering from acne skin, as they often prepare the emergence of this disease has a collection of shade. A better option is to protect the skin with a sunscreen with high SPF.

The role of stress is often cited as a reason, but still remains controversial. According to some scientists nervous stimulating hormone secretion and hence promote the occurrence of acne.

As for the relationship between food and the production of sebum, it is not yet proven, as well as the misinterpretation that acne is related to sexual relations.

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