How to get rid of acne?

To find the solution of each problem, you must first find the source.
In full force this statement refers to hatred and acne, which violates many people's skin. For many it is essential that genetic predisposition. Some gynecological or gastroenterological diseases also lead behind the appearance of skin problems. And in about 20% of cases of people who suffer from acne, it is a hormonal change.
To proceed to the proper treatment is essential to establish the exact cause of the condition.
Once dermatologist establish what are the prerequisites for acne, it will recommend appropriate therapy aimed at eliminating the state. If a particular patient situation is extremely serious, he can trust and general practitioners, experts are categorical.
Every successful therapy for the treatment of acne should incorporates the following elements:
- Elimination of existing lesions;
- Preventing the emergence of new ones;
- Eliminate the risk of scarring;
- To eliminate the psychological malaise provoked by skin condition.
Along with these elements, therapy should be given to eliminating the factors leading to the appearance of lesions, such as problems involving cells of the skin follicles, increased secretion, inflammation and bacterial attacks.

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