Skin - a mirror of health

The beauty is achieved through proper nutrition, natural cosmetics and stress.
At a time when there was no medical or technical equipment or laboratory tests, doctors had to make the diagnosis on the basis of what they see. Furthermore, urine, blood and stool, skin was also an indicator of the health of the body and possible diseases.
Some certainly know the relationship between Graves' eyes and overactive thyroid, or think of liver disease, when you notice signs or red spidery spots on the skin. But in the past, doctors have gone much further. Have smelled urine, and sometimes they even try it to prove diabetes. Red cheeks in most cases mean mitral valve insufficiency of the heart, while gray, pale skin is associated with kidney disease.
Man is so arranged that in terms of skin care primarily from its embellishment, ie of its facade cleaning. But often forget that skin is not just a shell. Thanks to it, we make contact with the external environment and also dissociate from it. It helps us to "touch" and "realize" the world around us. The skin is an organ of feeling, of touching while - sex organ. Through it, the body breathe and sweat.
The skin not only reflects our body state, and it reflects our feelings. We can not in any way tampered with, it was pink when I feel good. Red with shame, fear and pale gray, when we have stomach problems.
As a sensitive seismograph, it affects our health
Prolonged stress as do old tan and gray. People undergoing great stress can be aged for one night, and their hair to white set. Famous are the links between brain and skin - for mental stress most often begin to develop or appear dermatoses.
These and others. examples sound pretty logical, but apparently there are many links that sound paradoxical. Many people practice jogging for example, look older, although often in the fresh air. Or see his girlfriend, which, although taken with calories and making costly cosmetic care, fight premature aging.
So far, those cases were attributed to errors in the genes. But modern science give another explanation of things -reasons are invisible inflammatory outbreaks, and the recipe reads:
"Shut off the internal fire!" Ie take measures against malnutrition and stress that interfere with hormone metabolism and substances - agents in the body and cause minimal, unobtrusive and painless micro-inflammation the skin - the real causes of wrinkles, flaccid skin, premature aging and pending contours of the face.
But where the enemy is exposed, it can be effectively defeated. This can be exhilarating to proper nutrition, natural cosmetics and effective methods of stress management.
The results you'll be amazed. In the fight against the enemies of the renewal of skin is your best ally: every 28 days, skin cells are renewed. That means taking appropriate measures, only a month to look several years younger and healthier than you were before.

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