What are the reasons our skin is dry?

In winter, the skin generally becomes dry and sensitive. Stretched, the touch is unpleasant, not to mention how unbearable experience is someone else to touch us. In a word - terrible!
Most of the cases of dry skin due to low levels of sebum, combined with incontinence of water and sensitivities. External factors further complicate the problem. That is still what are the five basic conditions that lead to the phenomenon of dry skin:
- Dry air - when the air is too dry it with the most true of the winter months, it literally dries the moisture contained in the skin. Using moisturizer is required, but not in all cases it is sufficient to tackle the problem;
- Long hot shower and have the same effect in January on the skin. Hot water washes away the natural oils that protect your skin, so in the presence of skin problem dermatologists recommend showers are short and the water - lukewarm;
- Inappropriate soap dries the skin too excessive. There is even a theory that too frequent washing does not reduce risk of infection - rather it increases it because the skin dries and cracks, which is a prerequisite for easier penetration of harmful microorganisms;
- The use of several drugs also reduces moisture in the skin;
- The presence of disease re-define many as crucial for dry skin.

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