Winter senile female eyes

Winter senile eyes of the ladies about four years and eight months, researchers found.

A team of beauty experts observed the eyes of women in 5000 four seasons. They found that the bags under the eyes are considerably darker in cold half.

Evidence suggests that the process of aging is due to lack of sunlight, which tends to lighten the skin.

Our outlook is deteriorating because of increased fatigue due to low levels of vitamin D. Our body produces it in response to sun exposure. Due to lack of vitamins, reduces the production of serotonin - the chemical that makes us feel good.

Anti-aging expert Dr. Marc Binet explained that according to most scholars dark circles and puffiness is due to lack of vitamins D and K. Their deficiency is responsible for fatigue and weakened immunity.

Once acquired, they are very difficult to remove. Research shows that women are more worried about the effect that cause these problems than the appearance wrinkles.

Dark circles are one of the most common skin problems are usually caused by spills of blood from small capillaries under the skin surface.

Following the oxidation of blood in our eyes appears dark blue color like blue from bruising. A little later comes the appearance of dark circles and puffy appearance. They become more prominent in winter, because the skin is more transparent because of lack of sunlight.

Researchers are developing a cosmetic product that reduces the appearance of dark circles by 58% after 3 weeks of use. The cream will reduce puffy appearance and up to 71% after 8 weeks of use.

The study was published ahead of clinical trials of Adonia Organics - the company that developed the cosmetic product.

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