Can cosmetics harm?

Lately a lot of information out of the presence of various chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and other harmful ingredients found in cosmetics and medical cosmetics.

Furthermore, the presence of lead in lipsticks and mercury in some creams, and became known the contents of other elements that can harm the health of the consumer.

Specialists believe that mascara bacteria present. This is due to naturally occurring bacteria on the eyelashes, which can be transferred for use in the spiral. In a recent study, researchers found the presence of microorganisms in 33% of tested coils.

Bacteria are often staphylococci or streptococci. These microorganisms can cause various health problems.Recommended e coil is not used more than three months.

It should be stored in a cool place to prevent multiplication of bacteria.

Another study revealed the presence of formaldehyde in cosmetic products for hair straighteners. The use of such products once a year does not constitute a health hazard, but their frequent use can damage both the user and the stylists at the salon, for example, who have direct contact with it.

Other products that pose a real health hazard, the mineral makeup. They are considered a natural alternative to traditional makeup, but mineral-based and have a powder form.

Problems arise from the presence of mica in the products to be borne by inhalation. When caught in the lungs can cause severe damage to respiratory organs.

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