Dangerous ingredients in cosmetics

Mineral oils

Mineral oils, like silicones, form a surface film on the skin and block pores. Thus, these substances interfere with the skin to breathe, to release harmful toxins and absorb fat soluble vitamins, which significantly worsened the condition of suffering from dermatitis and eczema.
It is believed that the products based on mineral oils accelerate the aging of the skin, contribute to the formation of free radicals. In addition, the manufacturing process for the processing of mineral oil greatly pollutes the environment.
Instead, the hydration of the skin can be used cosmetic products containing olive, almond, sunflower oil, and many essential oils that do not cause allergies.


Surfactants are used in cosmetics foam in shampoos, shower gels, bath foams, including baby cosmetics. These chemicals can cause irritation and redness. In combination with other substances, form nitrosamines which are highly carcinogenic. Therefore, especially for babies, recommended cosmetic products with natural foaming agents derived from plants - such as coconut oil or wheat.


Lanolin is a fat-like substance obtained from the subcutaneous fat of the sheep. Lanolin has long been widely used in cosmetics, emollients, thanks to its properties. However, it can cause an allergic reaction, therefore, not recommended for pregnant women and babies.


Alcohol dries the top layer of skin. To protect him from violent impact, the skin in response to synthesize more fat. So rather than eliminate the problem, the balance of the skin is damaged further.
The accumulation of fat in the face, however, makes it susceptible to bacterial infections.
The presence of alcohol in cosmetic products can cause redness or appearance of brown spots on the skin. Inflammation of the skin in general lead to premature aging.


Emulsifiers are substances which are used as thickeners and binding agents, helping the constituents of water and oil-based to blend in receipt of a cosmetic product. For these substances, there are data that can cause skin rashes, and to form nitrosamines which are carcinogenic.
It is preferable to use cosmetic products, emulsifiers, which are derived from vegetable oils and are harmless.
There are unproven scientific speculation that prolonged use of products containing synthetic emulsifiers, leading to increased risk of cancer of the liver and kidneys

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