Healing clay / smooth skin and a shiny hair

Healing clay rejuvenates and beautifies. Miracle mud from ancient times ironed telltale wrinkles and sculpts hair shiny.

To remedy used it and Egyptians and Chinese, and Indians. Healing clay not only absorbs ailments, toxins and microbes, but also gives a lot of energy.

Clay contains tons of useful substances, but the predominant mineral in it painted in white, gray, green, pink, red, blue or yellow.

White clay is the most commonly used in cosmetics because it makes the skin soft and shiny hair. Its beneficial properties are described by Hippocrates and all famous beauties have bell with her.

Green absorbs toxins, breaks down fats and clean contaminated oily skin and hair. Blue clay supplies skin with oxygen and improves circulation, prevents dandruff and hair loss. Yellow fed normal and fragile hair, moisturizes and exfoliates dry skin. Red clay is used against cracked capillaries and bags under the eyes, suitable for problematic dehydrated and tired skin. Rose is often used as a tonic and astringent, it exfoliates and softens dry and normal skin. Grey clay moisturizes and is ideal for dehydrated and sensitive skin.

Healing clay is prepared in many cosmetic masks for skin and hair, but is also sold separately for home cooking. Usually mixed with water, yogurt, egg yolk, honey, oil or lemon juice. Some experts argue that only water is enough to do miracles with clay face and mane us.

Natural healing clay is completely suitable for all skin types and hair. It has cleansing and whitening effect. Smooth es wrinkles and tightens skin, leaving it supple and soft. Stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair.

Healing clay should be stored in metal containers and in contact with any metal objects because they can alter its chemical composition.

For radiant person:

  • The person will shine if stand for 20 minutes with a mixture of clay, a decoction of chamomile and honey. Another option is a mess of yogurt and a spoonful of clay.
  • For oily skin take 3 tablespoons of green clay, two of lemon juice, a drop of essential oils of sage and grapefruit. When acne green clay is mixed with yeast or tea tree oil. It acts more white clay with lemon juice.
  • For dry skin in two tablespoons of white clay and olive oil, few drops of rose water.
  • If he is tired and faded, helps red clay with orange juice.
  • In sore face mix finely chopped cucumber with a little clay.
  • It is important throughout the clay mask is wet.
  • For beautiful skin throughout the body is smeared with clay and then rinse with water. In the bath exhaustion two spoons clay, pour hot water and add a packet of powdered juniper.

For beautiful hair:

  • If your hair is dry and shredded, wash it with clay and then rub with cast or or almond oil. For dandruff disappears, a few tablespoons of clay is vinegar. The mixture stays on hair for 20 minutes. If hair falls out, humanitarian help, quinine water and oil of rosemary.
  • For oily hair mix clay with apple cider vinegar or juice of lemon. When dry, add yolk and olive oil. Masks are applied to wet head and put a plastic cap to keep moisture.
  • Healing clay is quickly washed away the color of dyed hair. If you got the wrong paint, bet on clay.

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