How cigarettes damage the skin?

Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 harmful substances. It is known that smoking increases the risk of developing cancer, stroke and heart attack and other health problems.

Smoking affects the health and appearance of the skin.Dehydrated, dry skin, appearance of a noticeable facial hair, wrinkles, grayish skin tone, presence of purple spots are part of the harmful effects of smoking on the skin.

Habit leads to early onset of wrinkles and accelerates aging.

Smoking causes wrinkles by narrowing the blood vessels of the outer layers of skin, experts explain. This leads to reduced blood flow to the skin does not receive its required oxygen, vitamins and other nutrients.

Smoking leads to the appearance of permanent wrinkles as damage to collagen and elastin fibers that support the structure of connective tissue smoother and firmer.

The effects of smoking on the skin can be seen even at a young age. For observation under the microscope scientists have found that facial wrinkles are found even in smokers 20 years of age who smoke for several years.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology smoking 10 or more cigarettes per day for at least 10 years significantly increases the risk of premature appearance of wrinkles, poor health and a yellowish complexion.

Processes are characteristic for the skin of female and male.

Study finds that women who smoked for 20 years, two times higher risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma.

Cigarettes deplete and eye health. Cause irritation, conjunctivitis, lacrimation, and rapid aging of the lens. According to statistics 40% of people affected by cataract were smokers.


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