Create An Effective Journal To Stay Motivated


Like so many of us, you may find it challenging to stay motivated while following a diet. If you would like to see long term results then you must keep the motivation levels up. Do not feel down if your motivation levels have decreased. There is a way you could get your motivation back and never let it decrease again!

The plan is to write a journal. By taking the time to utilize a good journal each day, you are able to turn to this when you need a bit of a motivational boost. Below are a few important facts that you need to know in order to write an efficient journal.

Take Pictures

Firstly you need to consider taking pictures of yourself, as these might help you to spot the changes in your body. To see how you are progressing on your diet you should take pictures over a 3-4 week period, as you may find it difficult seeing results by just looking at your body. Looking at these pictures will enable you to see that your hard work is beneficial.

List Your Weight Lifted

Next, you should also take the time to write down exactly what weight you've lifted each workout as well.  Listing this is going to enable you to take a look at your workout program and see how far you've come from that perspective. Keep in mind, any gains in strength do show progress too, even when the scale isn't moving downwards as you'd like. Lifting more weight during your workout may just be the main reason why the scale will not be moving down, it is because you could have built some new lean muscle mass. Take comfort in knowing that lean muscle mass will really help you stay leaner in the long-run, thus you're moving in the right direction.

List How You Feel About Your Day

Your feelings can decrease your motivation and have an impact on your progress. You may notice trends in your behaviour and manage to deal with them if you write down your feelings, such as frustrated, upset or angry. Doing this will help you stay on the right track with your program and keep the motivation up.

If you have not written down how you feel and the way it affects your eating patterns, you may be consuming more food when your feeling low. By making this connection it is possible to change your eating habits which will help improve your diet.

It is possible to speed up your results with the combination of a journal, workout program, a great diet and an appetite suppressant. Therefore as you can see using a journal will help you increase your motivation and stick to your weight loss program.

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