The five major misconceptions about acne that you have!

1. Decorative cosmetics caused buds - if this statement years ago is still rung in some
truth, it nowadays products are so designed that do not cause rashes and allergies for the most part. if the cream on your face appears non-comedogenic, it means that it does not clog pores and that the person must look for another culprit for the condition.

2. Buds have appeared over with dirt - if you have not cleaned your skin for months, it will of course not. But if you wash your face too often, lest you appear or disappear pimples, this can cause more serious damage to your skin.

3. Abuse has caused sweet spots - many studies have denied the existence of such a connection except in cases of allergy to sweet.

4. Lack of sex causes pimples - and this connection between the two states will not. Of course, changes in hormones can cause pimples, but this is the only connection.

5. Removes sun spots - if pimples are caused by bacteria that inhabit the skin, but in all other cases, sunlight is only an additional factor for skin irritation, which is good to save.

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