To have good hair, you should know!

 good hair,Combing and brushing hair are two different procedures for its equipment and its

own effect.

Comb can not buy every day, so buy a little expensive, but quality comb with rounded teeth and rare. The most suitable comb of horn or plastic.

Each family member must have individual comb.

Combing the hair should be done slowly and patiently. Rough pulling the hair with the comb pulls hair grown even new structurally and cause damage.

It is useful to comb your hair at night 3-4 minutes in all directions.

By brushing the hair scalp is massaged and blood circulation is activated.

Hair should be brushed from the root out.

Brush hair must be long and hard unpointed teeth rubber pad.

Brushing the hair and scalp at the small signs of disease (eg, oily seborrhea, increased hair loss) is harmful and contraindicated.

It is useful for oily brush in brushing the hair. Ten drops of oil or pomade are sufficient for this.

Combs and hair brushes should be washed frequently with soap or dilute ammonia (one teaspoon of ammonia in water). Be disinfected with alcohol or cologne.

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