What differs from the classic the mineral makeup?

First, it contains no preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, chemical colors and
beauty cosmetics
flavors. All these ingredients can cause skin irritation. Their absence in the mineral products has led many dermatologists recommend the use of such cosmetics.

Both types of makeup containing minerals in the form of zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide and others.

Mineral cosmetics are suitable for women with sensitive skin, as it contains no oil, no negative impact on skin prone to acne, says dermatologist Dr. Neil Schultz.

Dermatology specialist Dr. Brooke Jackson of Chicago, which is also used mineral makeup, it recommended in patients with rosacea and eczema.

Mineral makeup can not take the place of moisturizer product for acne or antieydzhing serum, but offers some advantages in terms of skin care.

Cosmetics provides some protection from the sun. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide contained in the products help block the penetration of sunlight. Of course, prolonged sun exposure is recommended to use a sunscreen.

Zinc oxide also has anti-inflammatory properties and because it contains a higher percentage in mineral makeup than traditional, it may be useful to soothe irritated skin.

Are there risks of using mineral makeup? According to some claims micronized mineral makeup is ultra-small particles called nanoparticles that can penetrate the skin barrier and cause potentially dangerous effects.

Other experts say there is no cause for concern. If the particles are actually the size of nanoparticles, they are useless in the makeup because it will become transparent and will not offer coverage, says expert Perry Romanowski.

According to some reports, it is recommended to address the content of bismuth oxychloride - a compound that gives pearly finish of makeup. It is believed that can cause skin irritation and can aggravate acne. But the risk is higher mainly in people with hypersensitive skin. For most women, bismuth oxychloride is safe, experts say.

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