3 foods helpful for memory

1. Whole Grains

Make sure your diet contains enough whole grains and cereals, wheat bran, wheat, whole grain pasta.
Study found that women with higher intake of vitamin B9 (folic acid), B12 and B6 showed improvements in memory and recall of information compared with those not taking supplements.
Low levels of folic acid triples the risk for developing dementia.
Another Australian, research also shows that vitamin B12 and B9 improve short and long term memory.
Although not yet clear what caused the benefits of taking B vitamins to stimulate brain activity, is believed to contribute to reducing the levels of the amino acid homo cysteine. High levels in the blood are associated with increased risk of heart disease, bone fractures and loss of memory.
2. Eat more tomatoes

Eating tomatoes helps to prevent socially significant diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular. Are also helpful for maintaining memory. The favorable effect is due to lycopene.
Studies show that the compound has strong antioxidant properties and protects against free radicals that damage cells and cause dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

3. Nuts

A study published in the journal American Journal of Epidemiology, suggests that taking vitamin E protects against impairment of memory and just shows protective effect against development of Alzheimer's disease.
Nuts are an excellent source of vitamin E and green leafy vegetables, seeds, eggs, brown rice.

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