Five exercises for beautiful legs

 beautiful legs

You won't be the only person looking to get lean legs, in fact it is among the top goals of many women. They want to visit the gym so that they can feel comfortable wearing shorts or a skirt in the summer months.

To have the legs you have always wanted, it is important that you research what leg slimming exercises will be effective. Once you know them, you are able to add them to your fitness plan.

So that you can achieve your goal quickly, below are the top exercises you should consider doing.


Lunges are the first move that can help define the legs apperance and help to lengthen them. If your planning to also help maintain your balance and work the glut es, hamstrings and quads then lunges are perfect.

Performing this exercise is very easy, simply walk across a room and back. Each workout should consist of two sets.


A compound movement is an excellent addition, in particular squats as they will help to boost your strength and train all muscles inside the lower body. As your muscle mass will increase you will burn more calories, resulting in you finding it easier to shed fat.

Rear Leg Raises

If you are wanting to firm the backside, rear leg raises are great as they target that area. These work outs are just right as they help you to tone up and not increase in size since you are not using weights.

Uphill Walking

Uphill walking is another great exercise that you need to include in your workout program when doing your cardio training. Not only will uphill walking burn off as many calories as fast paced running would, however it's really going to challenge your lower body muscles as well. These exercises tend not to cause as much strain on the lower back as running does, therefore these exercises are ideal for people suffering from back pain.


Deadlifts  are the final exercise that shouldn't be overlooked as they are great for firming your bum and strengthening the lower back along with core muscles. When doing this exercise do not use your lower back, you ought to sqeeze from the glut es and use the muscles inside the bum. When doing the rising part of the exercise make sure you keep the back flat, this will avoid lower back pain.

So there you will have five great movements that you should consider adding to your lower body workout program. Ideally you should do these exercises around 3 days per week, by doing this you will find it easier to get lean legs.

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