Five ways to fight cellulite

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Hot summer sun and moods ... what better than a sexy dress scantily in a moment. But does sexy skirt would be so seductive, if your body is pitted with cellulite. Here's how not to be thinking over this matter further. Find 5 ways how you can regain your smooth skin and enjoy your body, and the nice weather. We only want to emphasize that to be a result of these things, you must be persistent and consistent.


Water is extremely important for your entire body including your skin. In addition to its sequence properties, water has the ability to remove cellulite even as the great quantity of water discharged excess salt from your body and regulates fat exchange in the body. You can combine water intake of fruits and vegetables rich liquid. These include watermelon and cucumbers. Fruits such as mango and plums do are rich in antioxidants, influencing the elasticity of your skin.


Physical exercise have an impact not only to achieve the perfect figure, but the whole tone of your body. The more traffic, more healthy. Naturally, however, active exercises have an effect on the loss of cellulite. Sweating during exercise, you burn fat and thus fat beating calcified formations. But the real secret of effective exercise program lies in their application. Do exercises that are designed to prevent strain on your problem areas like buttocks, hips, abdomen, calves. This will increase your muscle mass, but will reduce the fat in these areas. Here is a really good exercise for legs and butt: Take squat position, you have made a step forward and the heel of front foot is firmly grounded in reality. Take dumbbells, possibly around 2 kg. And start squatting and standing body. Do 20 repetitions for each leg, so at least 3 times a week for at least a month.

The effect of caffeine:

The market already has plenty of anti-cellulite creams that really work. Why is that? Caffeine, which contain some, eliminates water in the connective tissue, leading to the extraction of fat from the fat reserves in the body. But before applying the cream is good to exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells and cream to fully absorb into your skin. After applying the cream, massage the skin until warmed. Warming further accelerates the digestion of fat. It is good to restrict salt from your diet.


If you have enough money to turn to professional act. Liposuction is effective because it removes fat, and where there is little fat and has less cellulite. The laser used in procedures to eliminate cellulite, warms and melts the fat and stimulates the growth of collagen. A study in 80% from adult to cellulite therapy, cellulite is completely gone. The remaining 20% ​​of patients cellulite is observed at very low levels and tends to disappear permanently.The procedure is considered minimally invasive and consists in making a small slit in the skin and inserting the laser probe, smaller than a pencil, which processes the affected area and drain excess fat. The soreness goes away after the intervention to two days, and redness and bruises disappear within a week or two.

Bronze Tanning:

Loose skin often shows most of the beach as the sun touches the places they see, but not baked in skin folds formed. If you have a problem, it is best to apply artificial bronze. Furthermore, your dark roasted body is a good way to hide cellulite, and look a few pounds slimmer. Why is it? Darker colors contract illusory form, making you far less than you. So peaceful use cosmetics tan.Remember that the application of bronze should be smooth with light circular motions to stay no stains or traces of fingers. Use gloves so you do not stain your hands. After application allow your body to dry. You can even use a hairdryer.


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