What soap should I use in acne

The variety of options and choices easier, and sometimes complicated.

Previously it was believed that soap dries the skin. And it was really because up to 30-40 years ago the market had a variety of soaps.

When I first came called. Cream soap, things went in a new direction. Today this is not the only option for a quality product that has beneficial properties for the skin.

For example, glycerin soap has the same mitigating and moisturizing properties and is therefore suitable for sensitive skin.
Vaseline protects the skin from drying and therefore is recommended for dry skin.

The soap created based on honey tones and nourishes the skin, making it softer and more tender.

There are soaps with herbs. Soap extract helps to come as "closure" of small cracks in the skin and prevents acne. Camomile extract strengthens the protective functions of the skin and helps prevent it from drying. Soap with eucalyptus and St. John's Wort does has some anti-inflammatory action.

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