Hormonal problems disappear with the help of wild yams


Irregular menstruation, hormonal acne, ovarian cysts, difficulty conceiving, fatigue, overweight and fluid retention, painful menopause ... The situation today is such that more and more women experience these symptoms, which are very characteristic of the condition known as estrogenic dominance. 

What is estrogen dominance? A common hormonal disorder characterized by a disturbed balance between the two main female sex hormones - estrogen and progesterone. Dominant estrogen is generally considered to be combined with relative progesterone deficiency. To be precise, however, we must clarify that in the case of estrogen dominance in the female body there is enough progesterone, but it can not perform its functions, because in cells its sensitive sites, called receptors, are occupied by estrogen-like substances.
Causes of estrogen dominance. Intense stress, which causes constant mental stress, is an important factor in the development of estrogen dominance. However, the saturation of the environment with the so-called petroleum products, which we find in agricultural and household chemicals, in the medical industry with synthetic hormonal tablets, in the whole eco-environment, thanks to the air polluted with petroleum gases, has no less merit. 
How to deal with estrogen dominance? In many cases, hormone-dependent conditions are treated with synthetic hormones. But in the last few years, these drugs have begun to give way to herbal remedies to restore hormonal balance. One of the most sought after herbs to support hormonal balance is wild yam or, as it is also known, wild Mexican sweet potato. Unlike conventional hormone replacement therapy , the herb wild yam promotes the excretion of excess estrogen in a natural way. Wild yam contains the substance diosgenin, whose action resembles the functions of the female hormone progesterone. Diosgenin "partners" with progesterone and leads to the gradual disappearance of estrogen dominance and its symptoms. 
Wild's Yam Extract from Nature's Way, USA - a favorite product of many women around the world! Since it is also available in Bulgaria, the product Wild Yams / Sweet Potato (root) is extremely popular, and the reviews for it are excellent. It has a proven origin and excellent efficiency. Each Wild Yam / Sweet Potato (root) capsule provides 425 mg of pure, all-natural wild yam root extract, which is a natural source of diosgenin. 
Wild yam / Sweet potato (root) helps to alleviate the condition of hormonal imbalance, especially when it is represented by estrogen dominance and its accompanying symptoms - endometriosis, reproductive problems, slow metabolism , overweight and obesity , menstrual disorders, menstrual disorders irritability and anxiety, etc. Intake: 2 capsules daily, preferably with food. 

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