Benefits of Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil for Eczema


There are many natural products that are beneficial for dermatological disorders such as eczema. Some of them are aloe vera gel and coconut oil.


Aloe vera gel can be obtained directly from the leaves of the plant. However, some people use cosmetic products that contain it as an ingredient. It is used for various purposes because of its many positive properties, one of which is the stimulation of the immune system.


The antibacterial and antimicrobial action of aloe vera gel can prevent the appearance of skin infections that more often occur with dry and cracked skin. Wound healing properties are beneficial in soothing injured skin and promoting healing.


Experts advise caution when using ready-made cosmetic products containing aloe vera gel.


It is important that the product does not include many other ingredients, such as preservatives, alcohol, fragrances and dyes, which can further irritate sensitive skin. Also, alcohol and other drying ingredients can make eczema worse.


It is recommended to apply a small amount of aloe vera gel on the skin for the first time to check if the skin is not sensitive to it. Sometimes aloe vera can cause burning and stinging.


Despite these rare side effects, aloe vera gel is generally safe and effective for adults and children.


Coconut oil can also be used for skin complaints such as eczema. It contains beneficial fatty acids that can moisturize the skin and help with dry skin or rashes.


According to a study, using coconut oil for 8 weeks improved existing eczema symptoms.


Raw coconut oil can also protect the skin, helping it fight ongoing inflammatory processes. It improves the condition of the skin barrier.


It can be applied directly to the skin up to several times a day after bathing when it is cold pressed and raw. Its use is recommended before going to bed to maintain skin moisture.


Extra virgin coconut oil is usually solid at room temperature, but body heat turns it into a liquid.


Despite the positives mentioned, people who are allergic to coconut should not use coconut oil.


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