Many people have entire collections of lotions, creams, and ointments to keep their hair and nails healthy. Most of them are, of course, completely unnecessary, since almost everything needed for healthy nails and hair can be provided through well-chosen, balanced food.
Like all other parts of our bodies, hair and nails are at their healthiest and best looking when we eat well. If there are nutritional disorders or a deficiency of certain proteins, vitamins or minerals, no cosmetic product will give them a healthy appearance.
Hair and nails are considered " dead " tissues and as such, receive nutrients last. The insufficient intake of iron affects them very strongly - the nails become not only brittle and fragile, but also curved like spoons. The hair begins to lose its luster and localized hair loss often occurs due to iron deficiency. Sources of iron are red meat, fatty fish, spinach, peas, lentils and beans, dried fruit and eggs.
It should be known that iron from meat and fish is absorbed much more easily by the body than that from plant foods. The intake of vitamin C accelerates the absorption of iron from plant foods, so it is important if you do not consume meat, to look for foods with high concentrations of vitamin C - citrus fruits and juices, blueberries, lettuce, tomatoes.
A popular misconception is that white spots on the nails are caused by calcium deficiency , but this is rarely the cause. In the most common case, they are caused by mechanical injuries, but zinc deficiency can also be the culprit. Zinc is an immune-boosting mineral and is found in chicken, seafood, eggs, cheese, nuts and seeds. Its low levels also visibly affect the hair, which becomes brittle, dry, falling out in huge amounts when brushing. It is often associated with other factors that cause dandruff .
Biotin , a B vitamin compound, is obtained through nuts, fish, liver and eggs. In addition to keeping nails healthy, it prevents graying of hair, even in old age.
Sulfur is known in cosmetic circles as the "beauty mineral". It is found in foods such as eggs, meat, fish and nuts and helps the body balance acids and bases. Sulfur deficiency leads to cracked and infection-prone nails.
However, the most important element for beauty remains water – if the body is dehydrated, the little water it receives is diverted to vital organs and systems. Especially on hot days, a minimum of 3 liters of water should be taken daily and fresh, juicy fruits and vegetables should be consumed.