How to choose a suitable face mask?


Facial care includes the use of various products that offer a wide assortment of ingredients that nourish the skin.


In order to provide effective care and achieve the right effect, it is necessary to choose cosmetic products according to the skin type.


Each formula is developed differently and provides different benefits for the skin .


In order for our skin to be able to absorb the valuable ingredients, it is important to choose the right products.


In this way, we will be able to achieve a faster, effective and visible effect of skin care.


Skin care usually includes micellar water, cleansers , face mask and cream.


The face mask aims to meet certain needs of the epidermis.


Its use is a treatment in itself.


Face masks with multiple effects

The cleansing mask is rich in absorbent and cleansing products to remove dirt and dead cells.


The mask, which regulates and reduces the secretion of sebum , works by absorption to restore the acid-base balance.


The hydrating mask recreates the skin's hydrolipidic film thanks to the content of moisturizers and moisturizing active ingredients.


The tightening mask produces vasodilation, which in turn stimulates and tightens the tissues.


The smoothing and remodeling mask provides an immediate lifting effect thanks to the content of tensor active ingredients.


Which face masks to choose?

Among the wide variety of cleansing masks, sebum reducing masks, moisturizing, firming or smoothing masks, choosing the right product is based on skin type , texture, formula and method of use.


Mask for normal skin

Normal skin can be treated with a wide variety of products.


All types of masks are suitable for this type of skin, depending on the needs of the epidermis .


All formulas are adapted to this skin type and can be used as both hydrating and smoothing masks.


Mask for combination or oily skin

Oily skin is characterized by increased secretion of sebum , which sometimes leads to clogged pores, the appearance of blackheads and pimples.


Cleansing and purifying masks are suitable for this type of skin  .


Mask for dry or irritated skin

More fragile, dry and sensitive skin needs gentle, moisturizing and smoothing care to provide all the necessary ingredients for the epidermis .




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