Primrose strengthens the heart and sleep


Primrose , like most herbs, comes in different types. Primula officinalis (Primula officinalis) is found mainly on hills, foothills and mountain pastures.

The tall primrose (Primula elatior) is widespread. It grows in most meadows, under bushes and along roads. Unlike real primrose, it smells weaker.

The next species is the auricula (Primula auricula), also called "yellow lavender". It is a protected alpine plant and should not be collected.

Primrose, in combination with lavender flowers, St. John's wort and some other herbs, is very effective against insomnia . Unlike medications that harm the nervous system, tea from these herbsremoves their harmful side effects.


In addition to the nerves, primrose also helps to calm the heart . The herb also has the property of purifying the blood. Thanks to it, poisonous substances are thrown out, which lead to the development of rheumatic diseases and gout.

Primrose tea has a beneficial effect on migraines and nervous headaches . Inflammation of the heart muscle is also well affected. Primrose tea is also great for people prone to heart attacks.

The boiled roots mixed with honey make a tea that is good for the kidneys . It also helps to expel stones from the bladder.

The herb is also often used in flu and asthma therapy.

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