Micellar water - what are the benefits of cleansing the face?


Micellar water is a type of modified solution that contains micelles, which are micro-particles that trap and remove dirt, sebum and traces of makeup as they mix with the liquid base of the micellar water. It is these particles that form an emulsion when in contact with the skin and thus allow no traces of make -up to remain on the skin. This is why micellar water has both cleansing and toning properties for skin health. The micellesconsist of two opposite parts: one is hydrophilic - attracts water, while the other is lipophilic - attracts fats. When micellar water is applied to the skin with a cotton swab, the hydrophilic part is absorbed by the cotton, while the lipophilic part remains on the surface and absorbs the traces of sebum, sweat and pollution on the skin.


Depending on the type of skin, different types and formulas of micellar water can be used for their purpose: for oily skin , for sensitive skin , for skin prone to allergies and even for baby skin.


Micellar water is fragrance- and soap -free , which is why it helps maintain the skin's optimal pH while cleaning effectively and deeply.


The question often arises whether to wash your face after using micellar water. Some people think that washing the skin of the face is important, because some surfactant cleansing ingredients in micellar water can be irritating to the skin, but if we have chosen the micellar water correctly - then the composition should be suitable and there is no need to wash it off. Micellar water has a water base, which allows many people to consider that it does not need to be rinsed off. Also, micellar water is produced on the basis of pure, thermal, osmotically processed and filtered water, which is even much more beneficial and kinder to our skin than tap water, which can often be hard and rich in limestone.


How to remove makeup properly?

To effectively remove dirt and make-up traces on the face, it is recommended to use cotton pads soaked in micellar water, after which it is applied all over the face with massaging and gentle movements until complete cleansing is achieved. Micellar water can even be used in the morning as part of the morning routine for oilier or depleted skin that needs more nourishment and cleansing to achieve a more radiant and healthy skin.


It is recommended to avoid rougher rubbing of the eyes and the eye contour when removing make-up. Most of the beauty products that are used on the eyelids and eyelashes - shadows, eyeliner, mascara and others are thicker formula and this requires a more thorough cleaning. Therefore, it is recommended that when cleaning the eyes and the eye contour, the soaked cotton pad should be left on the skin for a few seconds, without rubbing or rough movements, because this can cause irritation and damage the delicate skin in this area. Depending on the make-up used, biphasic micellar water or degrim oil are good options for effective make-up removal.






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