Different types can be found with multiple elements to help with specific conditions or overall body improvement. You have the opportunity to view a large range of nutritional supplements at Galen.bg , where you will learn the necessary information about each product. The specialists of the online pharmacy advise you to take care of your health in the best way.

What are nutritional supplements?

According to a legally defined statement, food supplements are nutrients that provide balance to the body, are contained in food and are the main source of energy. The purpose of their use is to carry out quality absorption and to avoid deficits that are reflected by the occurrence of health problems and diseases. Dietary supplements mainly consist of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, which could hardly be obtained naturally in necessary quantities. Dietary supplements are affordable and can be found in different forms – tablets, powder, liquid or capsules.

Regardless of the fact that they are useful for the body, it is good to consult a doctor before starting to take them, as well as to observe the recommended dose. 


With vitamins and minerals, exceeding the allowed dose can negatively affect you and worsen your condition instead of improving it. Follow the norms and instructions set by the manufacturer. If the recommended amount is exceeded, the following side effects may occur - nausea, dizziness, vomiting, fatigue, stomach irritation and cramps. In order to avoid these side effects, it is important to get information about the product you are going to consume, and not to underestimate the norms determined by specialists or your doctor.


Why is taking nutritional supplements important?

Most people eat unhealthy food, which is largely due to a busy lifestyle. Even those who have a healthy diet and follow it strictly, would have a hard time getting everything their body needs. If these essential substances are not obtained through other sources, a deficiency is observed, the expression of which can be different - with a lack of some components, hair loss begins, deterioration of the condition of the skin and nails, chronic fatigue, laziness and a feeling of powerlessness, and with others - to the formation of diseases.
Thanks to these supplements, such as dietary supplements, the useful level of vitamins and minerals can be obtained and the body can function properly, because the concentration of the necessary elements is sufficient to cover the daily doses.
There are other supplements that are essential and almost mandatory for certain conditions. Such is folic acid, which is prescribed by all gynecologists worldwide. It has been proven that the intake of this nutrient, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy, affects the formation of the fetus and protects it from genetic diseases and malformations.
Due to the importance of supplements, they are used by people in all age groups – babies, children, adults. You may find certain variations depending on needs, ingredients and age category. 


When should nutritional supplements be taken?

It is important to take nutrients in the form of tablets, capsules, drinks or powder when you have low or borderline indicators, as well as in case of a severe deficiency. These indicators can be identified by doing blood tests, where you can find the source of the problem or come to the conclusion that your body has everything it needs and there are no risks to your health at this stage. 
It is important to know the levels of vitamins and minerals in your body, especially when you decide to take a multivitamin or combine several products, because there are some that have more than 100% of the recommended amount of nutrients. Thus, with prolonged intake, you may increase your indicator levels and cause a spike in blood marker expressions, which is an undesirable and unhealthy condition. Oversaturation is just as harmful as deficiency.


Mainly, people start taking nutritional supplements when:

  • They need to strengthen the immune system - sometimes the lack of important substances for the body leads to a decrease in the immune system, frequent diseases, general malaise;
  • Damaged hair, nails and skin - to a large extent, vitamin D deficiency negatively affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails. They begin to look unhealthy;
  • During pregnancy - folic acid is vital for the development of the fetus. Apart from it, the intake of vitamin D and iron is also sometimes significant, because with the development of pregnancy, the baby draws these substances from the mother and a low amount in the blood begins to be observed. To prevent the occurrence of preparatory contractions and premature birth, pregnant women also drink magnesium;
  • Joint and ligament problems – getting older often carries risks of joint problems. This is due to the loss of bone mass. Use of nutritional supplements in this case is necessary because they will catch up with calcium levels;
  • Weight loss - some nutritional supplements speed up the metabolism, cleanse it of toxins and through these actions lead to loss of body mass. They lead to improvement of digestion and the condition of the liver;
  • To regulate the function of the thyroid gland, there is a complex of vitamins, which includes zinc, selenium, tyrosine and other herbs, helping to maintain normal levels of hormones;
  • For the heart - these concentrated nutrients lead to the normalization of blood pressure and blood circulation.