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Which foods nourish our skin against sun damage?

 The way of eating  is a very important factor in keeping the skin healthy and protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.


Nutrition and food expert Marina Diana Pérez, professor of health sciences at the Open University of Catalonia, explains that a plant -based diet works in the same way as applying sunscreen.


Fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts are foods rich in  vitamins such as C and E, polyphenols and phenolic acids, which contribute to the oxidative defense of the skin against external agents, such as damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.


Which foods protect our skin?

The role of diet in protecting the skin from solar radiation has been extensively studied.


A review of studies in this area, published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics , has shown which are the foods that most effectively protect our skin:

  • Olive oil and legumes - their consumption is associated with less damage to the skin caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Mango, melon, orange, tomato, pomegranate, passion fruit and grapes - they are rich in bioactive compounds such as vitamin C , α-tocopherol - vitamin E, beta-carotene , polyphenols and phenolic acids, which increase the oxidative protection of the skin, participate in mechanisms to reduce inflammation and generate structural support and UV protection for the skin.
  • Kale or green cabbage - rich sources of carotenoids and vitamin C , which help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress .
  • Almonds - their content of tocopherols and unsaturated fatty acids reduces wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.
  • Soy  - contains isoflavones, which provide elasticity and hydration to the skin.
  • Cocoa, green tea or coffee - contain polyphenols that have a valuable antioxidant effect.

Vitamins for skin protection

Several vitamins have valuable properties for skin health.


In addition to the well-known vitamin D , vitamins C, E, B3 and A stand out.


Vitamin D is obtained mainly through skin synthesis when exposed to the sun (80%-90%), but up to 20% is obtained from food.


Until a few years ago, it was believed that it was contained only in products of animal origin - for example, eggs, dairy products or fatty fish, but recent discoveries show that mushrooms also contain vitamin D , the scientists explain.


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant capable of destroying free radicals and is found primarily in raw red and green peppers, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.


Vitamin E is mainly found in nuts, seeds, vegetables, corn, soy and acts as an antioxidant protection for the skin as it absorbs ultraviolet light.


Vitamin B3 - niacin , which is also an antioxidant, is obtained from meat, fish, milk, eggs and nuts.


Vitamin A is involved in epidermal differentiation, modulation of dermal growth factors and regulation of sebaceous gland activity.


Liver, fish oil, milk and eggs are rich in vitamin A.


Probiotics for healthy skin

Probiotics are living microorganisms - enterococci, lactobacilli and bifidobacteria that naturally inhabit the intestinal microbiome, but there are many reasons that can reduce their amount: unbalanced diet, lack of movement, stress , smoking, alcohol consumption, use of antibiotics and others.


These microorganisms are also present in fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, miso paste, and fermented beverages.


There is growing scientific evidence that probiotics such as Lactobacillus acidophilus can prevent photoaging, the aging of the skin caused by UVB radiation.


So they would be good food for the skin against the appearance of wrinkles .

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Five exercises for beautiful legs

 beautiful legs

You won't be the only person looking to get lean legs, in fact it is among the top goals of many women. They want to visit the gym so that they can feel comfortable wearing shorts or a skirt in the summer months.

To have the legs you have always wanted, it is important that you research what leg slimming exercises will be effective. Once you know them, you are able to add them to your fitness plan.

So that you can achieve your goal quickly, below are the top exercises you should consider doing.


Lunges are the first move that can help define the legs apperance and help to lengthen them. If your planning to also help maintain your balance and work the glut es, hamstrings and quads then lunges are perfect.

Performing this exercise is very easy, simply walk across a room and back. Each workout should consist of two sets.


A compound movement is an excellent addition, in particular squats as they will help to boost your strength and train all muscles inside the lower body. As your muscle mass will increase you will burn more calories, resulting in you finding it easier to shed fat.

Rear Leg Raises

If you are wanting to firm the backside, rear leg raises are great as they target that area. These work outs are just right as they help you to tone up and not increase in size since you are not using weights.

Uphill Walking

Uphill walking is another great exercise that you need to include in your workout program when doing your cardio training. Not only will uphill walking burn off as many calories as fast paced running would, however it's really going to challenge your lower body muscles as well. These exercises tend not to cause as much strain on the lower back as running does, therefore these exercises are ideal for people suffering from back pain.


Deadlifts  are the final exercise that shouldn't be overlooked as they are great for firming your bum and strengthening the lower back along with core muscles. When doing this exercise do not use your lower back, you ought to sqeeze from the glut es and use the muscles inside the bum. When doing the rising part of the exercise make sure you keep the back flat, this will avoid lower back pain.

So there you will have five great movements that you should consider adding to your lower body workout program. Ideally you should do these exercises around 3 days per week, by doing this you will find it easier to get lean legs.


Foods That Will Increase Hunger - Avoid them!

diet for weight loss

Hunger can creep on you any time which often make you  forget all about your diet, even when you have been sticking to it previously. Feeling hungry during a fat loss diet is actually one of the biggest problems people will encounter.

There are some foods that can make you  feel hungry, which makes it very hard for anyone attempting to stick to their diet. If you learn what these foods are and avoid them, hunger is not going to be a problem.

Below you will find the foods that can cause you to become hungry, avoiding these will help with your diet.

White Rice

White Rice is the first food which after eating can make you  become hungry. When you do eat it you'll experience a big increase in blood sugar, following this you will see a decline as insulin is released which ends up in less glucose in your blood.

When the blood sugar levels drop, this will cause brain signals to inform your system that you’re hungry and that you need more food.

Sugary Cereals

The second food that may cause an increased amount of hunger for much the same reason as white rice would is sugary cereals.  To help stick with your weight loss diet, you should always check the package label for the cereal that you are purchasing. You should always inspect cereal closely, even if it may be low in fat it could have a large amount of sugar.

Cereals without added sugar should be eaten when on a diet, these can help to control your hunger and boost your weight loss efforts. Oatmeal or bran cereal would be an ideal breakfast.

Snack Bars

Snack bars are recognized to be low in protein and higher in fat, resulting in carbohydrates not being balanced. Shortly after eating this food you will experience a sugar spike, very soon after this reduced energy.

You will then start to eat more to try to replenish the energy which has come crashing down. This cycle can make you  take in very high amounts of calories daily, moving you further from fat loss.


You should avoid candy at all costs, it is actually worse than eating some snacks that have fat in them as candy provides you with a far quicker increase in blood sugar levels. Candy won't fill you up and stop you from being hungry, therefore it could make it much harder for you to reach your target weight.

So there you have the main foods to note if you want to control your hunger levels and succeed at your fat loss diet program. Taking a fat loss suppressant will also go a long way towards getting your hunger under control making sure that you aren't being affected by food cravings through the day.


5 tips on how to preserve their beauty

ClearSkinMaxTo enjoy a nice appearance requires installation of special care and attention. Sometimes not enough to only use cosmetics or resorting to supplementation.
Here are some useful ways of how to keep their irresistible appearance regardless of age and environmental factors.

Skin Care

The skin is an important anatomical body that covers and protects the body from the environment. The skin is the first visible "telltale" of aging in the body.
To look younger and keep for a long time, her beauty, it is necessary to maintain as many skin hydration. It is recommended 1-2 times a week to make cleaning a mask for moisturizing and cleansing. To remove impurities and free pores, through which the skin breathe, it is useful for everyday use cleansing gels. Each skin type requires a different kind of cleanser for the face.
Moisturizing creams to keep skin soft and supple throughout the day and be protected against harmful UV rays effect.
Skin is hydrated from the inside by getting enough fluids during the day.

Cleansing and detoxification

Detoxification is a cleansing of the body from toxic substances, which will enhance the flow of energy and stimulate vital processes in the body.
Healthy eating can reduce harmful toxins in the body. But this does not necessarily mean deprivation of favorite delicious and enriching the menu of fruit, vegetables and vitamins.


When you maintain at least moderate physical activity into your everyday style care for good circulation, a better supply of organs and tissues in the body with oxygen and nutrients and removal of toxins from the body. When these processes are more intense, more affect the look of skin, which is an integral part of our understanding of beauty.


Love for ourselves and others can contribute a lot to look good.The feeling of love and kindness stimulate the secretion of various hormones that play a role in vital processes in the body. One of these hormones serotonin. It is also called the hormone of love, acts as an antidepressant and increases the flow of energy in the body. When a person is happy and satisfied his face lit up with an attractive appearance.

No stress

Stress the body releases the hormone cortisol. It reduces the formation of muscle tissue, and predispose to obesity. Crucial to our beauty is inner harmony. When a person feels good, it affects the entire body and improve your lifestyle.


Daily cleansing - a guarantee for beautiful and healthy skin

To restore luster and purity of his face have softer, smoother skin and feel the comfort and confidence, daily clean face.

Even the most perfect natural beauty lackluster, if not making daily skin care for face and body. Daily cleansing is extremely important. Dust and sweat accumulate on the skin as a thin layer to be removed.

It has been shown that the majority of skin problems - including acne and enlarged pores are a consequence of not cleaned or cleaned incorrectly skin.

Alarming is the result of a poll in which about 20% of women hurrying to bed without having removed the makeup from her face.All the shadows on the eyelids, the remnants of lipstick, powder and tush at of lashes must be removed.

By simple washing can be removed only waterborne contaminants - such as salts, but not the makeup that contains fat.If not properly clean your eyelashes, they will become brittle.

Ideal for this purpose are two-phase products

Their fat containing mixture is further enriched with moisturizing hyaluronic acid. So delicate skin around your eyes will not only clean but also refreshed.
However, it should follow the following rule: always run the cotton-top down on the closed eyelids.

Very practical for sensitive skin are moisten wipes that do not lay bare. Soybeans and wheat extracts retain the flexibility of the eyelids and reduce the feeling of too tight skin.

If you wear contact lenses, you should use only oil-free cleanser.A make-up are recommended materials that are easily removed with warm water.

Today the market offers many cosmetic products that will help you with daily cleaning and maintenance of face. Simply right to choose, taking into consideration the peculiarities of your skin.

Cleansing Milk

Cleansing milk is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Whether you use cleansing milk or cream, the end result is the same. These products are for dry skin.
Massage gently for one minute to mix well in a total mass of cleaning agents and dirt. Then wipe it with a damp cloth or cotton swab. Finally, rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Toilet milk remains in the form of a thin protective layer and the skin is not stretched. But it is not suitable for oily skin because oily even more you. This will only incur a sort of rash of tiny pimples.

Cleaning Gels and Lotions

Cleansing lotions and gels consisting of 90% water and other moisturizing agents. Gels made further refreshing and cooling effect. Ideal for skin that does not tolerate much fat and needs a stronger hydration.

Gels and lotions often contain antibacterial elements which have excellent anti-inflammatory effects. Not suitable for dry skin that dries and stretches more after application, and can lead to embarrassing red spots.

Never rub hard with cotton when cleaning the face, because it will irritate the skin further. Apply it with a gentle massage: gentle massage movements from the horizontal center of the face to face, then climb down the cheeks and nose to neck. The skin will reward you with an accelerated natural regeneration. Second - complete cleansing tonic, rub it into skin with light circular movements.


Once you remove makeup and wash your face with warm water, you get a sense of clear skin. But it still is not quite clear. Stubborn dirt particles and residue from cleaning equipment must necessarily be removed with toilet water.

Ideal transparent, fragrant waters. They are also more practical if you need to hurry or on the road and around a fountain there. This would remove once and makeup and dirt. And you will not have any problems if your skin is oily or normal.

It is inappropriate to use the toilet water if your skin is sensitive because it could inflame - too much moisture is removed from it.Better are the natural products without preservatives flower petals.

Face Masks

Cleansing mask improve skin condition in record time, removing dirt, fats and toxins. But remember that oily skins need this kind of mask twice a week while dried should not overdo it - one mask a week is sufficient.
To avoid exposing your skin to the danger of excessive tension , keep the mask moist. For this purpose does not Apply directly to the person on a wet gauze. So then more easily and will remove it.


The removal of dead cells and impurities allowing skin to breathe and is enriched with oxygen. It is shiny, soft and reflective. There are two types of peeling products: creams, sparkling or cleaning agents. The former are most relevant for sensitive and dry skin epidermis. Spread to the entire face (except eye area) and neck.Wait awhile, then massaged with the length of fingers caress with gentle movements, like the caress, moving from the nose to the ears. The skin should not be stretched.

Penny for peeling contain granules and are more suitable for combination and oily skin. It must be moistened by peel is done with circular movements of the fingers purposes without the pressure and friction.


To have good hair, you should know!

 good hair,Combing and brushing hair are two different procedures for its equipment and its

own effect.

Comb can not buy every day, so buy a little expensive, but quality comb with rounded teeth and rare. The most suitable comb of horn or plastic.

Each family member must have individual comb.

Combing the hair should be done slowly and patiently. Rough pulling the hair with the comb pulls hair grown even new structurally and cause damage.

It is useful to comb your hair at night 3-4 minutes in all directions.

By brushing the hair scalp is massaged and blood circulation is activated.

Hair should be brushed from the root out.

Brush hair must be long and hard unpointed teeth rubber pad.

Brushing the hair and scalp at the small signs of disease (eg, oily seborrhea, increased hair loss) is harmful and contraindicated.

It is useful for oily brush in brushing the hair. Ten drops of oil or pomade are sufficient for this.

Combs and hair brushes should be washed frequently with soap or dilute ammonia (one teaspoon of ammonia in water). Be disinfected with alcohol or cologne.


Acne: Myths and Reality

Nearly 80 percent of teenagers suffer from acne in varying degrees. Very often it disappears entirely unexpected, but may continue for a long time, since 25% of adults continue to suffer from this "youth" problem.

The truth is that this skin disease is not just a matter of a certain age.

Sebum - one of the main causes of acne

Scientists have not yet discovered all the causes of acne. Known only major cause of this skin disease.

The primary reason is the increased excretion of sebum, which leads to oily skin and it becomes more susceptible to infections.

Then comes the problem of clogging of sebaceous follicles.They represent something Cao pocket, which is where the hair ends and sebum that the sebaceous glands release.

When the natural separation of cells in follicles not done correctly, a bud is formed, which prevents the sebum to spread on the skin surface and ends with the appearance of small comedones.

It is either open (ie. Black dot) or closed (ie. Mikrokista, which is the basis of pustules and boils).

Third but not least rank and bacteria and exactly so. propionebacterium acnes. Thirsty for sebum, they benefit from seborrhea, to produce irritating substances that are ideal for making barely inflammation in large red and inflamed pimple.

Predisposing factors

The biggest culprit for acne are hormones, which explains why it is a major problem in adolescents, when the body undergoes many hormonal changes.

These are mostly androgens - male hormones, which also separates the woman, but in smaller quantities. Because they stimulate the sebaceous glands may lead to the formation of pimples and eat bacteria: two factors that favor the formation of pimples.

There are also other phenomena, such as heredity, whose influence also should not be underestimated.

Improper use of cosmetics can also cause acne, and the adoption of certain medications such as cortisone, birth control and some others.

Some wrong ideas about skin and acne

Sun, whose action at first glance seems healing is unpleasant for those suffering from acne skin, as they often prepare the emergence of this disease has a collection of shade. A better option is to protect the skin with a sunscreen with high SPF.

The role of stress is often cited as a reason, but still remains controversial. According to some scientists nervous stimulating hormone secretion and hence promote the occurrence of acne.

As for the relationship between food and the production of sebum, it is not yet proven, as well as the misinterpretation that acne is related to sexual relations.


Skin - a mirror of health

The beauty is achieved through proper nutrition, natural cosmetics and stress.
At a time when there was no medical or technical equipment or laboratory tests, doctors had to make the diagnosis on the basis of what they see. Furthermore, urine, blood and stool, skin was also an indicator of the health of the body and possible diseases.
Some certainly know the relationship between Graves' eyes and overactive thyroid, or think of liver disease, when you notice signs or red spidery spots on the skin. But in the past, doctors have gone much further. Have smelled urine, and sometimes they even try it to prove diabetes. Red cheeks in most cases mean mitral valve insufficiency of the heart, while gray, pale skin is associated with kidney disease.
Man is so arranged that in terms of skin care primarily from its embellishment, ie of its facade cleaning. But often forget that skin is not just a shell. Thanks to it, we make contact with the external environment and also dissociate from it. It helps us to "touch" and "realize" the world around us. The skin is an organ of feeling, of touching while - sex organ. Through it, the body breathe and sweat.
The skin not only reflects our body state, and it reflects our feelings. We can not in any way tampered with, it was pink when I feel good. Red with shame, fear and pale gray, when we have stomach problems.
As a sensitive seismograph, it affects our health
Prolonged stress as do old tan and gray. People undergoing great stress can be aged for one night, and their hair to white set. Famous are the links between brain and skin - for mental stress most often begin to develop or appear dermatoses.
These and others. examples sound pretty logical, but apparently there are many links that sound paradoxical. Many people practice jogging for example, look older, although often in the fresh air. Or see his girlfriend, which, although taken with calories and making costly cosmetic care, fight premature aging.
So far, those cases were attributed to errors in the genes. But modern science give another explanation of things -reasons are invisible inflammatory outbreaks, and the recipe reads:
"Shut off the internal fire!" Ie take measures against malnutrition and stress that interfere with hormone metabolism and substances - agents in the body and cause minimal, unobtrusive and painless micro-inflammation the skin - the real causes of wrinkles, flaccid skin, premature aging and pending contours of the face.
But where the enemy is exposed, it can be effectively defeated. This can be exhilarating to proper nutrition, natural cosmetics and effective methods of stress management.
The results you'll be amazed. In the fight against the enemies of the renewal of skin is your best ally: every 28 days, skin cells are renewed. That means taking appropriate measures, only a month to look several years younger and healthier than you were before.


Aging Skin

If the essence of life is in constant change, the most notable evidence of this is our skin. That it is the body that are most noticeable change in the natural course of the processes of growth, development and aging.

Apart from age (chronological aging), however, the skin is affected negatively by a number of other factors such as sun, wind, cold, bad habits, etc. Let this article to take the necessary measures to keep your skin looking fresh and well.

Skin changes associated with aging
The skin becomes rough
The skin becomes inelastic, due mainly to loss of elastic tissue (elastin)
The skin loses its density and becomes more transparent with age. This happens due to thinning of the superficial skin layer (epidermis)
Skin lesions appear as benign tumors
The skin becomes more "brittle" as a result of changes in the area between the epidermis and dermis
The skin becomes more fragile. This is due to thinning of the wall of blood vessels with age.
Changes in the skin:

The loss of fat especially in the cheeks, temples, chin, nose and eyes may be the cause of sagging skin, seemingly sunken eyes and poor appearance.
The loss of teeth in the field can cause visible wrinkles around the mouth.
Replacement of cartilage with bone highlights bone structure of the nose.
Dry and irritated skin
Dry and irritated skin is a sign of the natural changes of aging. About 85% of older people complain of irritated when they are indoors and heated dry air. This is mainly due to the loss of sebaceous glands.

Everything else, which further dries the skin by excessive use of soap and hot tubs may worsen the problem. If your skin is very dry and you are complaining of constant itching, consult a doctor. This condition can cause many more serious problems - can worsen your sleep, make you irritable or be a symptom of disease. Some medications can increase itching.

Harmful factors
How your skin changes with age depends on a variety of factors, most important of which are:

  • lifestyle
  • nutrition
  • heredity
  • personal habits

Of course, there are many other factors that influence. Essential for the appearance of wrinkles and skin spots are normal processes of aging, excessive sun exposure and loss of subcutaneous fat (fat between the skin and muscles).

Stress, pregnancy, the movements of facial muscles and posture during sleep are secondary factors that accelerate skin changes. When the skin loses its elasticity, gravitational forces cause the skin of eyebrows and eyelids hang but that of the cheeks and jaw to relax and to form a "double chin".

Lines as a result of facial movements are more visible when the skin starts to lose its elasticity (usually as people reach the age 30-40 years). These lines can be horizontal on the forehead, nose vertical or rounded in temples, upper cheeks and around mouth.

Posture during sleep
The position of the head on the pillow can also indicate a negative impact on the appearance of the face. As a result of compression of the face to the pillow in bed can wrinkle, which are located mostly in the forehead, eyebrows starting and ending in the hairline near the temples. Another characteristic of their location above the root of the nose or in the form of small rounded lines around the temple, the upper cheek and mouth.

The best sleep position for your person is sleeping on his back.

Exposure to intense sunlight
Ultraviolet rays from the sun damage the elastic fibers of the skin, leading to loss of skin elasticity, and stretching to its appearance of wrinkles. The skin loses its ability to restore its original position after stretching. It also becomes more fragile, and recovery processes occur more slowly. Remember that sun damage to skin, may not occur immediately but over time they accumulate and eventually become visible.

Although skin has some reparative abilities, almost nothing can repair skin damage caused by excessive stay under the sun. However, it is never too late to start to keep. The most effective way is to avoid long exposure to the sun or at least use sunscreen creams and lotions.

Smoking also spoils your skin! Smokers have more wrinkles than nonsmokers of the same age and same type of skin show a large number of studies.

Hormonal factors

Well known for its effect on mood and osteoporosis, estrogen's also exert a strong influence on the processes of aging. Therefore, in menopause, a reduction of hormonal activity, aging processes are accelerated. Hormonal changes distort the normal structure of the skin: it loses its density, dry, relaxing dermo epidemic compound. Face loses its oval.

Partial solution to this problem can be found in the intake of phytoestrogens or hormone replacement therapy. For this purpose, consult your doctor.


NIA24 Niacin-Powered Skin

NIA24 offers niacin-powered skin therapy that taps into the skin's own self-protective powers with a patented micronutrient delivery seystem that brings a continuous release of niacin to the skin, which dramatically reverses sun damage and ensures stronger and more resilient skin. Try the Rapid Exfoliating Serum, which was named "Best Anti-Aging Serum" by Self Magazine.
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Honey fights infection and makeover

Studies show that honey has unique properties to treat various health problems - from inflammation to damage the skin and even acne.

In Australia and New Zealand manuka tree grows with unique healing properties. Residents of these countries use Manuka honey as a medicine against infections and skin sores.

Tea tree extract has strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Researchers turned their attention to the positive properties of essential oils extracted from tea trees.

They help against colds and relieve stress. Ideal for aromatherapy and do wonders with skin specialists and dermatologists say.

Honey and oils protect the skin from bacteria and have the ability to smooth out fine wrinkles.


Pangea Organics

Your skin is your largest organ that absorbs as much as 80% of what you put on and Pangea Organics is formulated to amplify hydration and support cellular regeneration by feeding the skin with antioxidant nutrients, EFA-rich oils and the most nourishing plant botanicals nature has to offer. Using organic ingredients, these products omit all synthetics and petroleum-based chemicals. Here a selection of starter kits and serums for all types of skin makes the perfect gift to a loved one or yourself.
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29 Cosmetics

Named after the picturesque road--Highway 29--that runs along California's Napa Valley, 29 Cosmetics is beauty you can feel good about. For a touch of natural luxe, the skincare products are enriched with anti-oxidant grape seed extract. The proof is in their luscious lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, eye serums and more.
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Herbal baths retain youth

Baths with herbs soothe and take away the inflammation of the skin, clean it and make it firm and elastic.

Mixed herb baths (kept youth and freshness of the skin)

Duration of procedure 20-30 minutes.
1. A mixture of leaves of mint, eucalyptus, birch, strawberry, walnut in the ratio 3:2:2:2:1 for 3 liters of water.
Herbal mixture pour the boiling water, close the container and let stand 2 hours. Then strain and pour into the tub with warm water.
2. A mixture of lemon balm leaves and thyme in equal quantities in 2 liters of water.
Leaves pour the boiling water and let soak 1.5 hours. Strain and add the bath.
3. One kilogram of chopped hops (cones) for 3-4 liters of water. Pour cold water for 5-10 minutes and boil for 5 minutes. Allow to cool for 10 minutes, strain and pour into the tub with warm water.
Bath with nettle (reduces fatigue and treat inflammation of the skin)
'50 Dried nettle leaves pour hot water and boil for 15-20 minutes. Strain the decoction and add the bath. Immerse yourself in it for no more than 20-25 minutes.

Bath with lime blossom (calms the nervous system)

100 g of lime blossom pour 2 liters of water and leave for 5-10 minutes. Then boil for 5 minutes and allow to cool for 10 minutes, strain and add to bath. It is desirable to stay in the bath is 20 minutes.

Bath with sage (it takes the tension of the skin, helps with excessive sweating)

Boil 200 g of sage in 1 liter of water. Allow to stand for 20 minutes and then pour in the percolation tank with warm water.

Bath with chamomile (calming, helps sleep, reduces inflammation of the skin)

Two cups of chamomile flowers and pour the lime liter of hot water. Boil for 15 minutes Remove from heat to rest for 3 hours. Then pour into the tub with warm water at about 36 degrees.

Bath with chamomile, nettle and thyme (cleans the skin, stretches it and makes it more elastic)

One cup of chamomile flowers and half a cup of lemon balm and nettle is an herbal combination that pour 1 liter of boiling water, cook 15 minutes, let cool, strain and pour into the tub.


Easily achieve the desired skin

Topical vitamins slow the aging of your skin and rejuvenate exactly where you want the most.

Although eating fruits and vegetables and drink daily multivitamin, your skin still suffers from lack of vitamins. That they are the main tool that protects your skin from aging and even reverse this process. Therefore, well-balanced diet is important as eating a varied and healthy diet keeps your skin soft and shiny.

But the fact is that the body delivers only small amounts of certain vitamins in the skin, regardless of the amount of their dietary intake, say U.S. experts. Furthermore, it is not possible to reach these vitamins directly to problem areas where wrinkles around the eyes and brown spots on the skin. The only solution to this problem is the use of topical vitamins. Thus the maximum effect - improving skin elasticity and disappearance of dark areas.

Start today to use as described below five vitamins and soon your skin will look better than ever.

Vitamin A: The strongest opponent of aging

Vitamin A can be found in the composition of lotions, night creams and other medical products. Labels its derivatives are most often labeled as retinoids.

It has been shown that vitamin A reduces wrinkles, eliminate dark spots and smoothing skin roughness. American dermatologists from prestigious medical university recommended to anyone who wants to look younger, to use vitamin A (retinoids) for topical application.

Apply best topical retinoid at night because sunlight deactivates most forms of vitamin A. In order not to unnecessarily irritate your skin, in the first two weeks use vitamin A topical every second or third night, a graph small quantities.

Vitamin B3: improves hydration and reduces redness

This vitamin can be found in the form of lotions, creams and serums. Usually on the ethics of these products vitamin B3 is referred to as niacinamide.

It has been shown that vitamin B3 increases the production of ceramides and fatty acids, which are two key components constituting the outer skin protection. Once this protection is reinforced skin is better hydrated and more difficult to be irritated, making B3 a wonderful tool of choice for dry and sensitive skin.

In a study of niacinamide has found that it has helped improved the redness of rosacea, which is a common condition in women.

It also found that Vitamin B3 reduces dark spots as inhibit the transfer of pigment to the skin cells.

For best results, it is best to apply B3 morning or evening. The use of niacinamide with topical retinoids reduce the irritation caused by vitamin A. Therefore, before application to mix in your hand two topical vitamin and apply them together.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be found in the composition of moisturizing creams that are appropriately packed to retain its properties, such as opaque airtight containers. The concentration of vitamin C in these products must be equal to or greater than 5%, since only then the effect will be satisfactory.

It has been shown that vitamin C reduces damage from free radicals that cause wrinkles, dispensing and other changes typical of aging skin. It also helps to smooth and eliminate brown spots on the skin.

The positive effects of vitamin C and retinoids (vitamin A) on the skin are similar, their mutual action is completed. Therefore, to achieve a better effect, you must use them together. Skin aging occurs in many different mechanisms and therefore need a very complex security funds.

Experts recommend vitamin C to inflict the morning before sun exposure to protect your skin from free radicals induced by UV radiation.

Vitamin E: reduces dryness and helps protect against UV rays

Vitamin E can be found in sunscreen products and the products are used after sun exposure. To be sufficiently effective, they must contain at least 1% vitamin E.

This vitamin reduces dryness, keeping skin natural ingredients that hydrate it. If you apply on the skin before sun exposure, it will be less red, swollen and dry as usual. This is due to the ability of vitamin E to neutralize free radicals and has earned the nickname "defender."

Use vitamin E topically before or after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet rays can destroy half of the natural stocks of vitamin E in skin. So Make your protection by using sunscreen containing vitamins E and C. Some studies have shown that anti-inflammatory effects of vitamin E can prevent many negative influences on the skin, even when applied after sun bath.

Vitamin K: For young and fresh eyes

Vitamin K can be found in eye creams that also contain retinol.

It has been shown that vitamin C (also called fitonadion) reduces dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin K improves the clotting of blood in the capillaries in this delicate area, who are one of the reasons for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. According to independent research joint topical application of vitamin K and retinol leads to significant improvement in dark circles after just 4 months. It is assumed that retinol enhances the action of vitamin K to penetrate the skin and eliminates shadows.


Oily skin - how to treat?

Sebum is the secretion produced by sebaceous glands responsible for healthy shine. Keep the skin hydrated. Increased production of mucus, however, is cause for oily skin.

The reason for the increased secretion of sebum may be hormonal imbalance. This is seen most often during puberty or due to hereditary factors.

There are various methods to reduce oily skin. Alternative treatment includes taking a cup of hot water with honey and squeezed lemon, and thus cleared the body of harmful toxins and reduces the secretion of sebum.

The drink has a beneficial effect and the loss of extra pounds.

Medical cosmetics include cleansing gel, toner or facial day cream that contains tea tree.

Tea tree is a strong antiseptic. There are bactericidal, antifungal, antiviral and immunostimulating properties. Products containing tea tree are suitable for very sensitive skin, but it is desirable prior to use to make a test for tolerance.

For oily skin are suitable light special creams or emulsions of the series for skin prone to inflammation.

These cosmetics do not contain fatty substances or they are in limited quantity. Have a liquid form. The cream is applied in the morning after cleansing. Some are with salicylic acid. Suitable and extract from the bark of the birch, which has a protective effect on the skin - protecting it from negative environmental impact, including UV radiation.

Using the face mask of papaya, for example, pores, restores production of sebum within limits and gives a fresh and healthylooking skin.


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