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Skin care cosmetic! Useful or harmful?

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A beautiful and healthy skin is a big confidence booster. Some people are naturally beautiful and hence don’t use any ‘skin care cosmetic’. Then there are others, who don’t use skin care cosmetic due to their laziness. Still some feel that skin care cosmetic can harm their skin, and hence abandon the use of any kind of skin care cosmetic. However, there are a large number of people who do use skin care cosmetic (that’s why the business of skin care cosmetic is prospering).

So, is skin care cosmetic useful, or is it harmful? Well, the opinions seem divided. However, one thing is for sure – Looking beautiful is surely nice and very desirable. Also, too much skin care cosmetic can surely be harmful (as such, excess of anything is harmful). So, what does one do?

The first thing is to formulate (and follow) a skin care routine that will help keep your skin healthy and disease-free. The general recommendation is to cleanse and moisturise everyday, and tone and exfoliate occasionally (as and when needed).

Next thing is the skin care cosmetics that you would be using additionally (as beauty enhancers). These skin care cosmetics could either be part of your skin care routine or be applied only on special occasions (e.g. when attending a party etc).

The most important thing with skin care cosmetic is its selection. Here is a set of rules that you should use when selecting any skin care cosmetic:

* The general rule is to use products that suit your skin type. This is true both for the routine products and for the skin care cosmetic. So check the label to see what it says e.g. ‘for dry skin only’ or ‘for all skin types’ etc.
* Test the skin care cosmetic before using it. This can be done by applying the skin care cosmetic on a small patch of skin e.g. ear lobes and checking the reaction of your skin to the product
* Check the ingredients of the skin care cosmetic for chemicals that you are allergic to. Do not use products that are very harsh on skin e.g. products with high alcohol concentrations; such cosmetics might work for once but cause a long-lasting damage to your skin.
* ‘More isn’t better’. Ensure that you apply the products in right quantity (neither less not more). Also, be gentle with your skin and follow the right procedures for application of skin care products. Rubbing too hard or trying to squeeze a pimple can lead to permanent damage to your skin.
* Finally, if you have a skin disorder e.g. acne etc, you should consult your dermatologist before using any skin care cosmetic.

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Select cosmetics instead Botox or plastic surgery

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According to new research people will like you more if not subjected to invasive procedures like Botox or plastic surgery.Because you look most attractive when it is natural, lock specialists.

Randomly selected participants in the study had been treated more friendly to women who are protected from harmful sun rays and regularly used cosmetic products compared to women who have engaged the services of a plastic surgeon. The latter seems far more arrogant and vain, sharing participants in the study.

"This study is important because it shows that although public opinion is necessary, it is nice to look younger, surgical interventions can have a negative impact on the social level." Said Dr. Allison Chastiyn, Professor of Psychology University of Toronto.

"Despite the rapid development of industry rejuvenation, survey results show that such extreme actions are not widely accepted in society." Say researchers.

The study involved 260 representatives of the fair sex, who have rated the appearance of two groups of women aged 50, 60 or 70 years. The first group of them regularly use face cream and the second - Botox injections. Half of the participants were young (mean age 18 years), the other half in adults (70 years).

Older people have reacted very positively to the fact that women use different techniques to combat aging, but not the younger girls. All participants concluded that women using the cream for the face appear less vain unlike any other.

In another study, 100 volunteers were evaluated women who use one of the following four techniques for rejuvenation:

  • avoid exposure to direct sunlight
  • use of facial creams,
  • use of Botox
  • and face lifting.
Again, more like women who use less invasive means of rejuvenation and are not so drastic.

According to the survey more negative look at middle-aged people than older people, who lie under the knife.