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Five errors in skin care

skin care
How seemingly small gaps lead to major damage.

Omission of sunscreen during the dark winter day or night, going to bed with makeup are things that, once made, is unlikely to cause any significant damage, but if you do too much, even such small gaps in care for your skin, it can lead to visible signs of aging.

On the other hand, if you spend just a few minutes a day for reasonable skin care can slow the emergence of wrinkles, brown spots and other signs of the times. Whether you regularly ignore skin care, or you do simply random error, we suggest the five most common reasons that lead to skin aging, and easily achievable solutions to maintain its fresh look.

1. I'm too tired to cleanse your face

"It was a long day and the last thing I want to do now is to clean your face."

The two minutes that it will take to clean the face before bedtime may give you a fresh look for years to come. Sleeping with dirty, oily residue or makeup person causes acne and enlarged pores. To easily remove the remains of the day from his face, always keep hand wipes.

2. Sunscreen lotions are for summer

"I do not need sunscreen - winter is!"

Exposure to UVA rays - the main culprit for skin aging, it is all year round, not just during the summer. And as these rays can pass through glass, you are protected by them even inside buildings. The main way to protect yourself from UVA rays and keep your skin is to use sunscreen every day or moisturizer with an SPF factor of 30.

3. Products are too expensive

"Taking care of my skin would cost too much money."

To save money, shop in the stores and, rather than through distributors. According to research, mass-produced products are equally effective than expensive branded lines. Look for active ingredients, not fancy packaging. The most effective anti aging skin containing retinoids, peptides, vitamin C and moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

4. My efforts were in vain

"I've tried almost everything and nothing works."

It may take even two months until you see the results of many of the ingredients in the products. So give them time. Another prerequisite is to combine new products slowly - at most one product every two months. Skin should build tolerance to aggressive anti-aging ingredients. Excess on the other hand can cause inflammation, which accelerates the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots and overall skin aging.

5. My skin is too sensitive

"Exfoliation makes my face red and irritated."

Removing dead skin cells helps to soften wrinkles and freshen the skin, but aggressive cleaning particles can cause redness and irritation. To safely scrubbed skin, choose a chemical exfoliator - as glikolichna or salicylic acid or a product with gentle cleansing grains. Avoid products with uneven texture and galling particles such as the walnut shells. Exfoliate once or twice a week.


Acne - care and resources against the problem

acne  problem
Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder of the sebaceous glands in the hair follicles, sebaceous. The skin of the face, upper chest and back.

It occurs at puberty due to increased function of the endocrine glands, which affects the production located in the skin - stimulates the secretion of sebum more of them.

The disease, however, apart from existing hormonal imbalance depends on many factors such as hereditary predisposition, diet, exercise routine, hygiene, environmental pollution, improper use of cosmetics, endocrine disorders, medication, stress ... It can be provoked by the menstrual cycle in women, hormonal, including contraceptive pills, pregnancy.

Many people face the problem of acne, in addition, it takes confidence for a period of time involved, poses a serious risk of scars for years to come. According to experts at least 85% of people suffer from acne at some point in their lives, in recent decades, the age range of the disease seriously blurred and outgrows his normal period of activity - puberty. Increasingly complain of acne and older, even 35-year, experts say it is due to the quality of food consumed due to additives in it and how to harvest it, the urban environment, the use of steroid agents ... Almost a quarter of men and half of women in adulthood today are faced with some form of acne.

The appearance of acne depends on the mechanism mainly four key interrelated, resulting in:

Follicular hyperkeratosis and epidermal hyper-proliferation - because increased production of keratin and androgen dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS), emitted by the adrenal glands in the skin to form comedones, which are the first form of acne lesions. Follicular epidermal hyper-proliferation can be stimulated by changes in the quantity and composition of skin sebum and some features of the immune system as an activity of certain cytosine's.

Excessive sebaceous secretion itself is a factor in acne, which is also dependent on hormones and to some extent by androgen's. It is believed that they stimulate excessive production of skin fat while estrogen - the female sex hormone - Jan. suppressing. But since most affected their levels are the norm, rather presupposes them set sensitivity to androgen's, which consequently leads to acne.

Here are formed causes mild forms of skin disease, which could be successfully treated, adhering strictly to the rules tested.

But our skin usually find microorganisms that form its specific micro flora. Some of them are Propionibacterium acne's, which in the presence of an environment - change the pH of sebum, increased fat secretion of skin keratosis of the latter and the accumulation of dead cells and dirt on it - multiply and cause inflammation in depth, affecting the hair- sebaceous follicles of the skin, leading to the formation of unpleasant lesions as pa pules, pustules, nodules and cysts and varying degrees of scarring.

In most cases, severe form of acne is preventable (and non-problem of skin prone to it at all), subject to certain basic rules of care:

  • Oily and acne prone skin should be cleaned regularly without going to extremes. Dermatologists recommend twice a day to wash the face thoroughly using a suitable product according to the type of skin neutral pH. Do not use harsh products, such as soap or alcohol means because it is removed and the surface protective lipid layer, which leads to dry skin, conductive entry of bacteria in it and thus inflammation. Drying itself stimulates the protective functions of the skin, which results in increased fat secretion, which already acts as a "plug" of layers penetrated her bacteria.
  • Because of environmental pollution skin needs extra money for cleaning.
  • Sebaceous glands continue to work at night. In this sense, it is appropriate to apply a suitable active night cream to combat oiliness.
  • Typical in treating acne is the use of local products, in time, problems such as redness, tenderness, and even peeling. To avoid this excessive drying of the skin, along with the necessary cleaning and treatment products to apply product that hydrates and soothes. This is necessary to restore and maintain its normal balance.

In conclusion, I can recommend a suitable product to solve all these problems and this is ClearPores.


Tips for girls - how to keep away from having bulky legs

 bulky legs
If you're a woman hard at work at your fitness program, chances are one of your objectives is to create a streamlined look for your lower body without the bulk.

Many people worry about weight lifting for the lower body as they fear it'll cause them to develop large bulky muscle tissues that make them look more manly than anything.

The good news is that weight training undoubtedly doesn't have to trigger you to look this way as long as you understand how to properly plan out your exercise program.

Developing thickness in the lower body is undesirable, so you will want to learn the proper method to observe this.

Let's go over some main points to keep in mind.

When exercising do extra repetitions.

The very first thing that you need to be doing is aiming to keep the rep range slightly higher when doing your leg workouts. To build serious muscle, you'll use a rep range of 6-8 reps, so for longer, leaner looking legs, go with a rep range of 10-15 instead.

There isn't much benefit to going beyond 15 repetitions. some females do 20 repetitions but don't see better results.. If you are able to do 20 repetitions at a time the weight that you are using for your workouts is probably not heavy enough.

Use A Challenging Yet Lighter Weight

Speaking of weights, this brings us to our next point - to keep away from building bulky legs, you need to ensure that your legs are challenged with the weight that you just're using, however that the weight is not extremely heavy.

Avoid heavy lifting when you can because this may promote an increase in lower body mass. . Be certain to pick the correct weight. use one that will allow you to do 10-15 reps after which you start to really feel fatigued.

Your signal to increase your wieght slightly is when you are able to do 15 reps without feeling tired and don't have any problem continuing after doing 15 repetitons with ease..

Try doing plyometric movements

Focus on doing plyometric movements the third thing you need to do to get that streamlined look and keep away from bulky legs. Make certain you're doing workouts similar to jump lunges, jump squats and different rebounding movements. These are wonderful for including lower body strength without causing a high amount of bulk to occur. Boostng your metabolic rate is another fantastic benefit to using these exercises.

Monitoring your eating regimen is another crucial aspect to your fitness plan.

Finally, last however not least, you need to make sure that you're definitely tracking your diet. Taking in too many calories daily can encourage unwanted greater rates of muscular growth which may end in having slightly larger legs.

If you're using a maintenance eating regimen plan or a decreased calorie eating regimen plan for fat loss, then you definitely'll never be able to build bigger muscular tissues because of the fact that you are not providing an extra amount of energy to build the muscle out of.

Keep your eating regimen in check and you may stop any bulk from happening.

If you don't want to have thick and bulky legs however want your legs to be longer and leaner these are just some of the vital things to remember. Keep these in mind and you'll easily create the look that you're after.