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Acne - Complete Guide

Acne is the disease of the skin that surfaces pimples and deep lumps formation on the face; back; shoulders and neck regions. These are in the form of pores over the skin that projects unhygienic and absurd looks and destroys the face completely if ill-treated.
The disease of acne happens to youngsters in a broader prospective. The disease isn’t restricted to occur but might find an example to cause bacteria and hormonal imbalance in the human body. It usually occurs in the people who are in the age group of 20s to 40s. The disfiguring of the skin surface is extremely upsetting for many people engaged in their professionals especially the models.
A soft and fluffy clear skin with no marks on the face is every individuals dream and women community is extremely susceptible to worry the clear face in this cosmopolitan society. Severe and serious repercussions occur with permanent scarring of the face.
The term Acne which is common in the society because the outbreak of such bacterial infection of the skin causes the formation of uneven pimples in each life in certain stage of life where hormonal changes are mandatory to happen.
The face’s greasy secretion of the skin’s sebaceous gland makes up a tiny opening for hair follicles and these large openings when unattended for a longer period fills up the space or clog it and that takes up the shape of blackheads and whiteheads. The polluted air causes certain flat spots that are small and pitch dark in color and are easily visible to naked eye.
These are also known upon as flesh-colored bumps of the skin. The swollen and tender inflammations in a form of pimples are the type of plugged pores that do not remain untouched by an individual to either get peeled off or squeezed for the bacterial formation and cause deeper lumps and nodules over the skin surface.
The infected region of the skin takes a shape of firm swelling that is called by dermatologists as (Cystic Acne) of the skin and becomes inflamed due to acute infection thereupon. The condition of acne occurs predominantly to those with sufficient amount of oily skin. The categorization of acne can be understood by its mild and moderate outlook.
Acne lesions are the commonest form of face infections that may overtime reach to other skin sections of the body. An uncontrollable sex drive; harmful diet and unhygienic environmental factors don’t cause acne to happen to a human body.
The real truth of the cause is the hereditary and hormonal imbalance of the human body. Swearing off chocolate or scrubbing your face 10 times a day won't change your predisposition to this unsightly, sometimes painful, and often embarrassing skin problem. It is the extra careful procedure that requires systematic and meticulous planning to have a timely check.
The scientific analysis of males totally differ from females one and both are very complex and complicated by nature for ex: Males produces a hormone called as testosterone and female produces androgen as, Testosterone signals the body to make more serum a form of wax substance for retaining moisture of the skin surface and Androgens boosts up the production for keratin formation as a hormonal abundance which helps the body to produce hair and nails to reach to a specific height.
The bacterium grows in these clogged follicles to cause non-inflammatory acne of the skin. The pressure of the inflammation breaks the wall of follicle buildup and starts bleeding or leaking to nearby soft tissues of the skin and gives permission for pustule to increase. The rashes and permanent scars of the face skin happen due to excessive ruptured cysts. In a common parlance Steroids used by athletes and bodybuilders and oral contraceptives for women to avoid pregnancies becomes the major risk of skin acne.

Stages and Types of Skin Acne

Mild Acne: It is a dermatological condition that requires immediate medical attention. The grading system by various dermatologists is unique to have exact control over the formation of bacterial infection of the skin. The mild acne is considered as a spot which isn’t visible to naked eye from 2.5 meters away (the lesion) and consists of at least three dozen come-dones or scattered papules. The mild acne can be noticed upon on chest, shoulders, thighs, face, arms etc.
*Moderate Acne: These are the red inflamed lesions with numerous amounts of pustules and come-dones which are large and easily visible to naked eye and could reach up to 1-2 cm in size and shape.
*Severe Acne: The severe cause of bacterial acne according to dermatologists is extended to the stage of forming excessive pus filled pustules and reaches to other skin regions. The stages of severe ness for such acne is sinus; cystic and Acne conglobata which demands dermatologist medicinal procedures for skin treatments and not simply tablets or capsules intake could cure the disease in the first-hand.
*Pimples or Pustules of the skin: Popping up a pustule or Pimple or squeezing it is proscribed by a dermatologist strictly as Pustules occur over the face skin in red and yellow circles with whiteness too and are somewhat similar to whiteheads. They are very much inflamed due to bacterial infection. They are dome-shaped fragile lesion that typically consists of pus that is a mixture of white blood cell and dead skin cells made up of bacteria. A hair is always found on the pustule that forms sebaceous follicle over the skin. If it has not progressed to the stage of malignant cystic formation doesn’t always leave any scar or rash on the skin’s surface and heals automatically.
*Bumps or Papules: Papules are red and tender bumps that are excessively inflamed due to infection. The tiny little pink raised spots shouldn’t be squeezed by one but should be zapped away with the help of zapping gel tube available at over-the-counter drug of the chemist shop. It’s a solid lesion of the skin slightly elevated up over the skin surface. Micro-comedones are invisible to naked eye but have a feeling of sandpaper to the touch of the finger. In other way it’s a localized cellular reaction of the body towards acne.
*Macula of the skin: An acne lesion i.e. been healed leaves a temporary red or pink spot with a uniquely defined border to the spot circle. At a time macula bacteria multiply and show divisional process the number of macula contributes to inflamed face. It has the tendency to persist under unhygienic environmental factor for days and weeks.
*Nodule of the skin: It’s unlike a solid dome-shaped irregular lesion of the skin. There happens a tissue damage that results in scarring of the skin in nodule bacterial formation. The treatment process by various therapies such as isotretinonin do not simply respond as in this case the chances are severe by nature.
*Cystic Acne: A cyst is pus of the skin and is similar to nodules of the skin. Certain long-lasting repercussions have been introduced and felt by the patients who were strongly recommended by dermatologists not to touch; squeeze or ooze out the pus from the spot where it occurred over the skin. The combination theory of nodule with cyst is termed as nodule-cystic acne of the skin. This sort of acne is resistant to various treatments available and is likely to leave along certain rashes or scars after healing process stops.
*Infantile acne of the skin: Infant or new born acne is in a form of mild acne that develops because certain hormones of mother is transferred to baby or passed away through placenta cord connected to the baby and the stress of the delivery by the mother causes baby to release hormone and the good news is that babies only suffer from mild whiteheads only.
*Fulminans Acne: This form of acne is a severe from of acne conglobata and occurs only to teenage boys. The reaction process of such bacterial infection is transmitted quickly to teen’s back portion and chest leaving along large number of pimples in all over the skin surface and also calls upon unexpected fever; muscle and bone pains in the patient.
*Blackheads: A pore is partially blocked with liquid sebum and facilitates the slow and steady flow of bacteria that causes a black appearance on the surface of the skin. This results into blackheads of the face skin. It’s a skin’s own pigmentation and melanin that causes the skin color to black. The blackness doesn’t usually due to wrong consideration of notions that dirt has caused such catastrophe over the skin’s surface.
*Whiteheads of the skin: The pore is blocked with sebum and bacteria same as in the case of blackhead formation and dead skin tissues causes white appearance on the skin’s surface and whiteheads normally consists of shorter life period of becoming malignant red spot then in comparison to blackheads of the skin. The word ‘Milia’ is also termed in the scientific theory by dermatologists all over the globe in which the tiny white bumps occur to normally sloughed skin cells that get trapped in small pockets of the surface of the skin. In Milia upper cheeks and nasal regions are affected in newborn babies.

Causes/Risk factors for Acne

* Sebum Oil Overproduction by body’s hormonal imbalance and extra moisturizing oily capability to react with environmental factors by teenagers;
* Bacterial Influx on the surface and at the hidden pores of the skin to cause dome-shaped acne;
* An Irregular shedding up of dead skin cells in women and girls with two to seven days before their periods resulting in excessive irritation in the hair follicles of their skin;
* Usage of certain level of medicinal conditions such as cortisone which is excessively harmful if taken in larger quantities;
* Congenital family history acne formation of the hormones of the body tissues. The contraction and development of the disease been transferred from one gene to another form generations to generations;
* A pressure or friction has been lade upon over the skin with certain commodities such as wearing headbands; chinstraps; helmets; backpacks for hitchhiking purposes and telephones or cell phones, etc. An oily formation due to wearing up such protective gears causes the deposits of acne breakouts;
* Hair products and oil based products such as suntan oil is the risk factor for causing or developing the acne;
* Excessive stress with uneven contraction of skin’s surface with firming and losing of the skin with inappropriate measures;
* A change in the hormone due to menstruation periods in women communities;
* To scrub the skin hard and leaving the skin ill-treated out of proper or timely moisturizing with the help of certain creams and lotions;
* To pick; ooze out or Squeeze the blemishes of the skin surface rather than just zapping it out;
* The use of cosmetics consists of certain ingredients are harmful to acne and causes bacteria to form at the affected area. The names of such ingredients are: oleic acid; vegetable oils; laurel; butyl stearate; lanolin; petrolatum and alcohol. They are found easily in pomades; moisturizers and foundations;
* Individuals who work in fast food corners and various high-temperature restaurant environments and mechanics who are exposed to motor oil daily are regularly prone to such acne disease of the skin because the air causes the skin to rough and causes itching irritations and allows bacteria to seep into the follicles of the skin.
* Excessive Dirt of the atmosphere: The environmental dirt causes acne to occur and becomes the risk factor for contracting the bacteria and viruses usually it’s the dirt produced by automobile or vehicle pollution dirt.

Signs/Symptoms of Acne Formation

Inflammatory Acne: Pustules; red pimples and whiteheads become inflamed under such circumstance. The disfiguring of the skin’s surface with deep malignant cyst is formed in all the skin related regions of the body near to face. The red colored cysts are completely filled with excessive pus and liquid sebum enzyme breakdown from the skin. Scarring may leave discolored pitting of the skin.
Non-inflammatory Acne: The non-inflammatory type includes both black and whiteheads of the skin surface. The non-prescription treatment of such nature of the disease is possible because they are mild in nature and never causes severity.
Symptom of Rosacea (rose-ay-shah): A blush across the forehead; nasal region; chin and cheeks begins redness under such symptom of skin disease. A pus-filled bump appears visibly on the surface of the skin. The thin and delicate blood vessels are visible near the regions mentioned above. The acuteness of Rosacea can spread up to the region of eye causing conjunctivitis of an eye.
Infection of Staph: The infection of staph occurs due to a reaction by bacteria. There’re many healthy individuals who carry upon staph bacteria permanently and at the time when skin get punctured or ruptured due to injury, the staph bacteria immediately pops into action and seep themselves inside the wounded skin surface and causes infection which leads to various skin ailments of the human body.
Insect bites: The bites and stings of spiders and other poisonous/venomous animals such as bees, etc. create nuisances to a patient suffering from it. The temporary discomfort and momentary alarm triggers the cause of symptom of any skin ailment but the problem related to health doesn’t last. The infectious and allergic reactions of their bites and stings can be proven fatal if they’re ill-treated.
Cellulites as acne symptom: The symptom usually occurs in infant’s skin. It forms a warmth; swelling up of skin with acute pain and red colored circle. The spreading of such part causes a child to fall ill and shows the sign of unwanted fever with extraordinary sweats and chills to the entire body. Infected skin region causes swollen glands but on a whole cellulite is not contagious by nature.
Symptom of Eczema: Eczema of the skin is also known upon as a topic dermatitis of the skin surface. It is a common rash or scar for a kid to suffer from. Eczema can cause dry, chapped, bumpy areas around the elbows and knees or more serious cases of red, scaly, and swollen skin all over the body.
Contact Irritant Dermatitis: An irritation is caused upon by such peculiar disease of the skin and it can cause by many environmental commodities such as: soaps; shampoos; chemicals; detergents, etc. The formation of it is very itchy; swollen and has red pigmentations like pimples. The absolute example of an irritant Dermatitis is ‘Sunburn’.
Seborrhea Dermatitis: Flaking of the skin is the sign of such dermatitis diseases of the skin surface. The scalp region is most affected due to it. In common parlance it’s known to society as Dandruff for adults and for children world it’s known upon as “cradle cap”. The structure of the skin surface under such symptom of dermatitis effect looks a bit greasy.
Allergen Dermatitis: It is that rash of the skin which is caused by allergic compounds such as: hair dye; nickel; metal of the jewelry; rubber etc. The various allergies of the skin when comes in contact causes crusty rash which might look scaly and red in color as certain allergies react instantly for ex: metal/nickel when comes in contact with the skin causes certain allergy due to jewelry worn on the first-hand or a metal ring worn all around the finger causes a round circle of white rough skin with flicks of the dry or dead skin coming out. An oil or resin found in certain chemical plants like sumac; poison ivy and oak etc. consist of the tendency to cause some reaction to the human skin too.
Food Allergies: An annoying symptom of a food allergy is itchy rash or scar and stuffy nose. Allergy specialists and nutritionists all over the globe agree to a specific term of reaction that occurs due to milk consumption as milk when consumed after consuming a fish shows white patches all over the body due to chemically react with oil of the fish. There are certain other products such as: dairy products; peanuts; tree nuts; seafood; eggs and wheat etc.
Medicinal reactions: Over-the-counter-drugs take to cure or heal the surface of the skin causes unwanted and unexpected skin allergies as they are usually applied without doctors consult and some even have a tendency to become poisonous with perennial affects to long-lasting clear skin beauty. It’s mainly the anti-biotic medicines used for treating reactions or allergies but might turn topsy-turvy in return with brutal affecting capabilities.
Environmental Allergens: These are airborne particles and are the commonest allergens of the environment. Dust mites; animal dander (excreta, flakes or dried saliva of your pet); mold spores, grass pollen; ragweed and trees etc. causes bacterial particles to be inhaled by human-beings and get deposited inside the respiratory process which overtime takes the shape of certain reactions of the skin surface.
Impetigo acne: The disease could occur in any part of the body but happens in nasal and mouth regions. The occurrence of such disease happens in the months of summer which affects pre-school children inside the schools. The staph bacterium of such nature is simply characterized by gigantic blisters containing liquid fluid and then becomes hazy. The blisters start oozing out fluid while bursting process takes place and then makes up a honey-colored crust all around the infected skin region. Scratching implies the spreading up of bacterial formation to other corners of the skin surface.
Scalded Skin Syndrome of the skin: In scalded skin syndrome the bacteria manufactures a toxic element that affects the skin form all over the body. As this form of bacteria spreads to other regions of the skin, the blisters burst and rashes or scars passes by in which the top layer of the ski surface gets completely dislodged and the skin becomes raw like a burning sensation has just been experienced by the patient. The syndrome is a serious illness and should immediately be monitored in a re-known hospital.
Boils and Folliculitis of the skin: The infection of hair follicles is called as ‘Folliculitis’. The follicle are the tiny pockets which are hidden under the skin where hair shafts (strands) resides and grow in large numbers with hormonal changes inside the skin surface. In such case white-headed pimples appear at the base of the shaft with an oval shaped red circle near a pimple. The children who are worn tightly clothes and pulled back in braids and barrettes are particularly susceptible to such signs of ‘Folliculitis’.
The subcutaneous tissue of the gland is affected worst due to formation of folliculate. The boil could drain away pus and blood or amber-colored liquid fluid. The groin and buttocks of the human body are largely fascinated to cover up the infectious process of bacterial supply to such areas and to multiply to increase in form and shape with certain specific color disorder of the skin surface.
Shingle: A shingle is a type of blistering and painful rash or scar of the body. The pain caused by shingle starts beforehand the rash might appear over the skin surface. There are certain unusual bumps noticed upon in shingles. The process mainly wraps around either a single section or portion of the skin or may wrap other skinny sections. The crusting and falling process of the blisters happens after 7 to 10 days time. The coloring patches over the skin when the entire process over could have long-lasting affect as a form of sign or symptom of the body and treatment is usually hard in nature.
Mastocytosis of the skin: The mast cells are those blood cells of the human body that’re made from bone marrow of the human body. Mast cells make a chemical inside the body called as histamine of the body which is the alarm cell to send signals to immune system to know the cause of infection. The chemical histamine causes redness; swelling and itching when reactions takes place inside the body due to natural environmental factors such as a bite or a sting or even a venomous bite from a poisonous snake. The symptom of mast cell shouldn’t include abundance of cells at a particular place for longer period of time. The patient suffering from it have hives that look like a freckle. One large lump over the soft skin may happen if mast cells are collected at a place. The mast cells easily travel from infection one region to affecting other delicate organs of the body such as: abdominal region. Etc The sign of mastocytosis has serious and sever implication to the health of the human as a sudden drop in the blood pressure is noticed and patient becoming faint or unconscious. The symptom can easily trigger death of a patient suffering from this form of disease if ill-treated or time wasted to hospitalize a patient.
Measles of the skin: measles in children is an acute form of spreading up of the red pimples to nearly entire skin sections of the human body. It causes related diseases such as high-fever; hacking cough ad cold symptoms; running nose and red watered eyes. The symptoms of measles include small red spots with blue-white mouth centers inside the mouth and near tongue. A brown and blotchy appearance is formed out of this catastrophe disease of measles. Measles disease starts initially from the forehead and then spreads downwards reaching the foot or toe fingers of the leg. The measles disease is a highly contagious skin disease. When someone with measles sneezes or coughs, he or she can spread virus droplets through the air and infect others as well.

Treatments and Preventions Tips for Acne

* Wash your face with the help of a mild soap twice a day especially when experienced excessive pollution of the road to prevent the bacterial formation on the face for acne.
* Massage your face gently in circular motions to enhance blood pressure and don’t scrub the face or over-wash it because that might create irritation and roughness to the skin. For more Acne Treatment related information including product review of acnezine, you may like to check our site.
* Apply over-the-counter-lotion named benzyl peroxide. There is a substantial decrease in bacteria and excessive oil deposit form the face skin’ surface.
* Clean all glasses and sunglasses so as to ensure frequent oil deposit clogging from around the pores of nasal and eyes regions.
* Do not simply lean on the telephone receiver or to touch the facial skin with finger every now and then. The objects could trigger the bacterial infection on the surface of the skin.
* Prevent yourself from additional dirt and oil particles to clog your pores of soft hair follicles.
* Try not to wear tight clothes so as to let body breathe totally. Tight clothes help bacteria to form at a particular place to harbor in large numbers and cause acne. Head caps; scarves for women and headbands should be completely avoided.
* Do not pop up the tempting pimples from the face. Popping could lead to more swelling and infections instead try to consult a dermatologist for less risk of scarring and infections of the soft and fluffy ski surface.
* Prevent yourself from sun-tanning as direct U.V rays of the sun creates the formation of sebum liquid on the surface and help increases acne and wrinkles over the skin with acute skin cancers too. Apply more sunscreen (with higher SPF) when you're around reflective surfaces like water, snow, or ice.
* Applying make-up in the night is contagious to form acne of the skin. Do not wear make-ups in the night sleep and demand a make-up that says “non-acnegenic” or non-come-do-genic.
* Protect yourself from cold sores of producing pimple on the lip region of the face. It’s a herpes virus (HSV-1) and do not share commodities such as lip balms; cold drink sips; frequent cigarettes or even toothbrushes because it all helps in transformation of one bacteria form one place o another. The virus due to cold sore is transmitted through nose and the mouth saliva.
* Have plentiful of sleep in the night and drink glass full of 8 glasses of water each day with regular exercising for at least 20 minutes (daily). This helps in reducing up the stress mounted over the skin’s surface.
* Suck away ice cubes or pops to ease the tension of the stretched skin in winter season as acne if formed predominantly in winter seasons much.
* Stay away from spicy or chilly foods and other acidic reactive foods such as: lemonade; tomatoes; oranges and other juicy substances because the chemical reactions of such fruits with the blood causes acne formation.
* Never allow bacterial blood bleeding to happen over the skin surface instead use towel or damp cloth to easily clear the watery substance form the surface because when bacterial blood rumbles down the skin the number of points it touches of the skin creates acne formation in large numbers and spreads all over unexpectedly.
* Try to wear gloves to clean vehicle at home or washing utensils in the kitchen and take a short warm shower/bath in the loo.
* Do not use fragranced cream or lotion or even moisturizer. Try to use only fragranced-free moisturizers as the availability of chemicals in it is reduced substantially by the manufacturing companies before launching the product in the market.
* Stay away from wool or spandex clothes as the irritation or frustration with itchiness when coming in contact with the skin’s surface for relatively longer span of time causes the formation of acne on the skin surface.
* Be hyper-cautious of warts formation at the genital region of women especially as he wart pigmentations causes bacterial infection at the vagina and thus causes acute acne. Consulting a gynecologist is a better option rather then taking over-the-counter-drugs or prevention methods on the spur of the moment at home itself. It’s extremely harmful or contagious to human body.
* For pregnancy related contingencies for women. Try not to experience stretch marks over the surface of the skin as the skin’s surface balloons in 7 to 8 months period and stretches to its extreme level with enormous uneven elasticity which causes roughness; dryness and acne formation over the skin. Keep your skin radiant and glowing for the rest of your life span and eat healthy.


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Пуешко месо от бут0.0000.0500.2102.6751.1690.37011.000.4100.0000.0000.0000.000
Пуешко месо от гърди0.0000.0410.1186.2550.7170.5808.0000.4700.0000.0000.0000.000
Пуешко месо от плешка0.0000.0470.1763.5941.1820.37011.000.4100.0000.0000.0000.000
Пуешко яйце 79 гр0.0000.0870.3710.0191.4920.10356.001.340438.0000.0000.0000.000
Пушена розова сьомга0.0000.1700.0607.0000.7500.2004.0003.000117.0000.6400.4000.000
Пъпеш Канталуп36.7000.0410.0190.7340.1050.07221.000.000999.9990.0502.5000.000
Пъпеш Касаба21.8000.0150.0100.2320.0840.1638.0000.0000.0000.0502.5000.000
Пъпеш Медена роса18.0000.0380.0120.4180.1550.08819.000.00050.0000.0202.9000.000
Разбъркана смес от яйца0.0000.0690.4780.0701.4380.14347.001.290487.0000.9700.30034.548
Риба тон0.0000.2410.2518.6541.0540.4552.0009.430999.9991.0000.0000.000
Розово грозде31.2000.0430.0310.2040.2620.05313.000.000999.9990.1300.0000.000
Свинско филе0.9000.9510.2754.3470.8840.5055.0000.7906.0000.0000.0000.000
Свинско филе от ребрена дъга0.3000.7790.2474.6380.7030.4176.0000.5006.0000.0000.0000.000
Син Краб1.5000.0030.0000.0220.0150.0120.0000.000346.0001.6501.4000.000
Сладка жълта чушка183.50.0280.0250.8900.1680.16826.000.000200.0000.0000.0000.000
Сладка зелена чушка80.4000.0570.0280.4800.0990.22411.000.000370.0000.3707.4000.000
Сладки картофи2.4000.0780.0610.5570.8000.20911.000.000999.9990.2601.8000.000
Слънчогледово олио0.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.00041.0805.4000.000
Смес от гъши яйца0.0000.1470.3820.1891.7590.23676.0005.100650.0001.2900.4000.000
Соево олио0.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0009.210197.6000.000
Средно голямо гъше яйце 144 гр0.0000.2120.5500.2722.5330.340109.07.340936.0001.8600.6000.000
Средно голямо яйце 58 гр0.0000.0400.2770.0410.8340.08327.0000.750282.0000.5600.20020.038
Стрък праз лук12.0000.0600.0300.4000.1400.23364.0000.000999.9990.92047.0000.000
Сусамено масло0.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0001.40013.6000.000
Телешко месо от плешка0.0000.0900.3005.4501.5100.37010.0001.8200.0000.2800.0000.000
Телешко месо от подбедрица0.0000.0790.2687.4581.2910.43715.0001.3600.0000.0000.0000.000
Телешко месо от раменна кост0.0000.0800.2707.6301.2600.44015.0001.2700.0000.2704.6000.000
Телешко филе0.0000.0700.2609.0801.3900.56014.0001.1800.0000.2600.0000.000
Фъстъчено масло0.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.00015.6900.7000.000
Царевично масло0.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.00014.3001.9000.000
Червен домат12.7000.0370.0190.5940.0890.08015.0000.000833.0000.5407.9000.000
Червеникавокафяви картофи19.7000.0820.0331.0350.3010.34514.0000.0001.0000.0101.8000.000
Червено грозде10.8000.0690.0700.1880.0500.0862.0000.00066.0000.19014.6000.000
Червено зеле190.00.0540.0850.9790.3170.29118.0000.000999.9991.5804.9000.000